Ibiza in September

Ibiza in September

Ibiza in September

Ibiza in September is unequivocally our favourite month of the year on the white isle.

After the chaos and madness of the summer months July and August, September is just that little more laid back for everyone.

Don’t get us wrong it’s not a sleepy hollow like the winter months, it’s still busy but a nice kind of busy.  There is still lots to see and do but without the rush and crush of summer.

The weather is one of the biggest changes and you get much more of a mix of hot sunny days, cooler evenings and the occasional days of storms.

Now this may not suit everyone and it is a little more hit and miss but when the wind gets up the seas around Ibiza become a little more choppy and the sea comes to life.

White horses can be seen across the bays and crashing against the coastline, people can be seen surfing around the island and big rollers start to hit the beaches.

It’s not every day but when it does happen there is something magical about it the normally flat calm seas coming to life.

This also makes the sunsets the best of the year by far, which with a few added clouds thrown into the mix makes the sun going down and the afterglow truly spectacular.

Ibiza in September provides the most amazing sunsets of the year

Ibiza in September provides the most spectacular sunsets of the year

With the temperatures being that little bit lower and fresher it’s the perfect time to get out and explore the island. Driving is now much more of a pleasure and away from the big resorts, you can drive miles without seeing another road user.

The beaches are still busy and the water is still warm but as the month goes on the crowds ease and as we found you can visit some different beaches and find only a handful of people enjoying them with you.

Es Figueral in September hardly a soul to be seen

Es Figueral Ibiza in September hardly a soul to be seen

This is perfect for choosing the best spot and making a day of it, the beachside restaurants are all still open but parking is easier and there is no squeezing for space, heavenly.

The island’s clubs are still in full swing on their countdown to the individual nights holding their closing parties and are all working towards the first weekend of October when the final closing parties take place.

Restaurants are still busy with that lovely vibe you get but getting a reservation becomes that little easier. It’s all a little more relaxed, evening conversations become longer and everything just slows down.

The pace of life is much slower and relaxed on Ibiza in September

The pace of life is much slower and relaxed on Ibiza in September

The end is in sight for many of the workers, bar owners and the like and they tend to let their hair down a little more which adds to the atmosphere. People have time for a drink and a conversation there is a sense of relief that the summer chaos has come to an end.

Overall September is just wonderful in Ibiza with a very relaxed laid back attitude that just adds to the magic of the island.  It’s the perfect time for couples and those who want to explore the island more and with everything still open you can pick and choose what you do without the crush of the summer.

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