Ibiza Interview with Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago 2019

Ibiza interview with Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago 2019

Interview with Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago are a formidable husband and wife team who have taken Ibiza and the world by storm in recent years.

Laura with her Jazz based saxophonist style and Ben with his Balearic DJ offerings have become one of the most dynamic duos in the industry.

With residencies under their belt for some of the biggest clubbing brands, streams in the millions for their signature fusion of rich, energy driven grooves and addictive saxophone they are simply loved by everyone.

Stepping out from under the shadows of other brands last summer they are again hosting 5 of their own gigs at Ibiza Rocks Hotel this summer so we took the chance to sit down with Ben and Laura to ask them about life, love, music and of course Ibiza.

Welcome to the blog guys we hope you are both well, how has your winter been?

It’s been great thanks, a nice balance of work and play. We’ve been very busy gigging worldwide, but we also had a great holiday in Cuba at the start of the year that was really special. We cannot recommend Havana enough if you haven’t been there yet!

The big news for you both is that for 2019 you are returning to host your own five week residency at Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Last year was phenomenal and loved by everyone who attended what can we expect from this year’s residency?

Hopefully more of the same, only better! We have invited more live PA acts this year especially as Ibiza Rocks is one of the best live venues on the island. We really can’t wait!

You have curated a fantastic line up  this summer at Ibiza Rocks, how do you pick the artists to perform alongside you and to complement your own performance?

Thank you. We’re really excited for this year’s lineup. Curating it is definitely a team effort between ourselves and Ibiza Rocks. They are a pleasure to work with and it’s great that you mention the line-up because it is one of the big reasons we love working with them. They are always keen to go all-out and book a strong line-up for the events.

Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago Ibiza Rocks 2019 weekly line ups

Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago Ibiza Rocks 2019 weekly line ups

This summer you are launching your own Island Beach Club brand LACASA, do tell us more..

We felt that the time had come to launch our own parties after a push from our management team. We wanted to create a place with no egos, where people felt at home, so we called it ‘La Casa’ which is Spanish for home. So much thought goes into these things haha! ED: Keep an eye for details on this project coming soon.

Having seen you both perform together over the years in Ibiza you both have this amazing energy and pure understanding of not only each other but of the crowd in front of you.

How much work goes into planning each set or do you ad-lib and play to that crowd at that moment in time?

We don’t really plan each set, but we do spend a lot of time going through tracks together and deciding whether or not they would work well in our set. At the end of the day there needs to be space for Laura to play over and some tracks may not have enough space, or simply do not need anything adding to them.

But of course each gig is different, so we do play to the crowd, however, it’s always a selection of tracks that Laura has approved.

Not every track suits the saxophone so where do you start on picking and developing the tracks in your sets?

It all depends on the arrangement of the track. For example, there are a couple of tracks where the vocals stop at the main drop and it just goes instrumental, this is perfect for the sax because it allows the space for Laura to fill and have fun with.

Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago are true crowd pleasers

Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago are true crowd pleasers

Ibiza has given you both so much not only in your professional but personal lives too, it is after all where your careers took off, you met each other, fell in love, married and ultimately now live. 

What are your favourite memories of your time in Ibiza so far?

Ooooh that’s difficult as there are way too many – and we’re still lucky to be making new ones every day! When we first met we actually had more time to do things like go to the beach; have a day on the boat; go for walks etc, but we are so busy with work at the moment we have to really force ourselves to take time out.

Our best memories of Ibiza though would definitely be when we first met and enjoyed the island fully.

When you both get a rare day off together where are your top places to visit on the island to relax, get away and enjoy life?

Day off?? What’s that??!?!

Ibiza for most people is only a few days holiday each year but tell us what is it like living on the island all year round?

Incredible. You see the real Ibiza in the winter; a charming, beautiful, quaint and magical little island in the Mediterranean.

Laura enjoying a little Ibiza winter downtime

Laura enjoying a little Ibiza winter downtime

At the blog we get to see a lot of the “behind the scenes” look at what goes on being friends with a lot of creative types and whenever you guys are at a photo shoot or a makeup session or having your hair done it’s always full of laughter and fun.

What is it like being surrounded by so many artistic and creative people in Ibiza?

Inspirational. That is one of the great things about Ibiza, the type of people it attracts!

For those who have never been to Ibiza what would be your top three must do recommendations to show the island’s varied and diverse side away from the music and clubbing?

1. Book a day trip to Formentera. There is something very special about that island that as soon as you get there, something takes you over and you relax like you’ve never relaxed before.

2. An evening in Bambuddha is a must. They have two sittings per evening, definitely book the later sitting.

3. Head up to Sa Talaia, the highest point of Ibiza. There are panoramic views of the entire island. Incredible!

Some of your best loved gigs from your fan base are the after sunset ones at Cafe Mambo or Savannah as they are so intimate and are open to everyone of all ages and we know from questions we have already got this year, they want to see you back there.  So will you guys be playing the sunset strip in San Antonio this year?

Yes. Funnily enough, our first gig of the summer was at Cafe Mambo last week and it was so nice to start the season with such a bang.

We are definitely playing there more over the season, but we are still waiting on dates. Everything is getting confirmed very late this year for some reason. Keep an eye on our social media accounts as we will announce it on there as soon as we know.

Lastly, you live and work in Ibiza and it is a forever changing island, which direction do you see the island heading over the next 5 to 10 years, musically and from a tourism point of view?

To be honest, it would be nice if Ibiza doesn’t become a victim of its own success and start to lose its identity a bit. But there’s been a lot of change in recent years, so it would be difficult to say where we will be in five or ten years from now. Hopefully, the island will have thrived, whilst retaining its uniqueness.

Our deepest thanks to Laura and Ben for taking time out to speak to us, you can catch their pool party at Ibiza Rocks on Mondays from the 27th May until the 24th June click for more details.

For all their gig listings in Ibiza and across the globe visit Laura’s website at www.lovelylaura.co.uk or Ben’s website at djbensantiago.com.

Or follow them on Twitter @Loveylaurasax on Facebook at facebook.com/djbensantiago

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