Ibiza it’s just not the same anymore….

Ibiza is just not the same anymore….

Ibiza not the same anymore

In the many years of visiting the island and writing about it wonders this is a line I hear a lot –  Ibiza it’s just not the same anymore because of blah blah blah.

I never really got or understood this line, Ibiza is a wondrous and ever evolving island it sets trends, it is forward thinking in how it deals with music, tastes, styles, fashion even tourism to some degree.

But with the news/rumours surrounding Cream Ibiza departure from Amnesia flowing through my timeline, even I felt myself uttering the Ibiza it won’t be the same anymore line this week.

For those that don’t know many, many years ago when I was in my mid 30s I was introduced by a friend to what was Trance Around The World Podcast by Above and Beyond and to keep a long story short we ended up by chance seeing the trio in Brixton London and had one of the greatest nights of our lives.

Off the back of that gig and love for the group as we arrived home we checked out where else we could see them and Ibiza at a club called Amnesia fitted perfectly work and childcare wise.

So flights were booked, tickets booked, a hotel in San Antonio booked and then the distain of friends and relatives started, Ibiza isn’t for you at your age, you’ll be robbed and stabbed, you won’t get it and the like.

Above and Beyond at Cream Ibiza Amnesia

Above and Beyond at Cream Ibiza Amnesia

So our first trip was filled with trepidation even a slight fear and worry but as you may have already guessed we fell in love with the island, its people and we raved like never before at Amnesia to Above and Beyond.

The rest, as they say, is history but that first trip to Cream Ibiza at Amnesia and countless times since will always hold dear to me because it’s what first brought us to the island but and back to my point stating Ibiza it’s just not the same anymore is only a simplistic view.

Ibiza is far more than one club night, one DJ, one bar, one restaurant, one beach party or one of anything.

Ibiza is forward thinking it moves ahead of the times.  Ibiza creates trends, breaks the mould, makes tough decisions where others would like to bury their heads in the sand.

Ibiza is far more than one of anything, it has so much to offer everyone

Ibiza is far more than one of anything, it has so much to offer everyone

Nothing lasts forever as is the case with many of the 90s parties Ibiza became famous for but that was a generation ago, the current generation has different tastes want different things and so Ibiza changes and evolves accordingly.

Yes it’s great to have incredible memories but if you are one of those who sits there shouting loudly that Ibiza isn’t the same anymore then I hate to break it to you but you are a dinosaur stuck in a generation long gone.

Yes, by all means, have fond memories of times past, yes get a little nostalgic now and again but also look forwards and outwards push yourself to explore find something new.

Ocean Beach a venue I never even considered but actually done the right way we love it

Ocean Beach a venue I never even considered but done the right way we love it

Ibiza is all about new experiences getting out there to new beaches, new restaurants, new club nights, to exciting new daytime clubs.  After all, you never know you may find something that blows your mind even more than what you did yesterday.

As a point, until last year we had never ventured into Ocean Beach believing it wouldn’t be for us but having been we loved it, again it won’t be for everyone but if you don’t try you don’t know as they say.

Yes I will be sad to see Cream leave Amnesia and we may never get the opportunity to dance to Above and Beyond in Ibiza again but I am not a dinosaur, even at my age, so Ibiza what’s next is what I will be shouting.

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