Ibiza Medieval Festival, Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town

Ibiza Medieval Festival takes place in May around Dalt Vila

Ibiza Medieval Festival

The Ibiza Medieval Festival returns for its 16th year this weekend (5th – 8th May) and brings the history of Dalt Vila and Ibiza Town to life. The festivities start on Thursday evening with an Opening Parade and Medieval Tournament and continues throughout the weekend.

The streets of the Old Town, known as Dalt Vila, transforms into a fantastic Outdoor Theater populated by jugglers, artists, bird tamers, craftsmen, goldsmiths, merchants, dancers and chocolate manufacturers which converts the Old Town into a vibrant and a fascinating mix of colours, smells and flavours from different continents.

The event also highlights the amazing beauty of the Walls of Ibiza and around the fortified area, considered by UNESCO as the best preserved acropolis in the Mediterranean.

Ibiza Medieval Fair bringing the history of Ibiza to life

Ibiza Medieval Fair bringing the history of Ibiza to life

Its impressive entrances and bastions welcome visitors and become the scene of concerts, performances and an extensive program of events taking place throughout the weekend, from 10 am to midnight.

The celebrations focus on the cultures that have shaped Ibiza’s history including the Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs.

Throughout the weekend, more than 50,000 people are expected to visit the markets and participate in the various entertainment shows and activities.

The most prominent are the medieval theatre, falconry, archery and Arab dances. Choral music concerts are organized in the churches of Dalt Vila and folklore exhibitions can be found in the sixteenth century cloister of City Hall.

The streets of Dalt Vila become a great open air theatre of times past.

The streets of Dalt Vila become a great open air theatre of times gone by.

This is a great weekend of festivities and really does give an insight into Ibiza through the ages.

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  • I’ve lived in Ibiza for more than 4 years now and always look forward to this yearly event. However, now that I have retired I went yesterday (Thursday) for the first time and I was disappointed that by mid afternoon half the stalls were still closed which negatively affected the atmosphere.

    I still find prices overall too expensive, but maybe that’s just me.

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for the comment and info, our understanding is the event doesn’t start until the evening on the Thursday.

      I shall try to get some exact timings and add into the article to make it clearer for all in the future.

      Thanks again


      • I read it officially opened at 11.00am yesterday so you can understand our disappointment.

        • Hi David,

          Yes completely agree, I found this official programme online with a brief rundown of the weekend


          Again it would be nice for us to be able to inform visitors of specific information (times, acts, attractions etc) ahead of time for many events across Ibiza but information is hard to pin down and as in this case seems contradictory depending on where you see it sadly.

          Thank you for the info is always useful to know.


          • My wife read about a brilliant father & son flamingo musicians who are due to play here during the festival. Any idea of when and where?

          • Hi David,

            Sadly not, we cant find a list of actual performers or performances anywhere and the link I posted above seems to be for 2015 which came from the official Ibiza tourism website.

            Again sadly proves both our points again.

            I will ask on some facebook groups and see if I can glean some more information, apologises.


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