Ibiza Photographer John Stables – Interview

John Stables Ibiza Photographer

John Stables Ibiza Photographer

Hanging out on twitter is where we first came across John and his amazing photos of Ibiza and all it has to offer.

This is John’s third full season on the Island and his passion for the White Isle is as great as ours, so over a 1 euro breakfast in the Fish Ibiza we sat down to talk all things Ibiza starting with how John discovered the island.

John, how did you first find Ibiza?

I like to think I didn’t… it found me!  Back in the 90’s I loved all things Ibiza.  ‘Ibiza Uncovered’, Kevin & Perry Go Large’ etc, so when me and a mate hit the right age in the summer of ’99, we booked our first lads holiday and there was no contest as to where it would be.  (I say right age, he was a year younger than me at only 17, so Thomas Cook (18-30’s) requested a letter from his parents granting me loco parentis for the week).

You are back for another hectic season in Ibiza, what draws you back to the White Isle year after year?

I’ve have an unconditional love for the island since I first stepped off the plane in ’99.  Maybe I like the party lifestyle, maybe I like the peaceful, laid back way of life, or maybe it’s something to do with that magical magnetic force given off by Es Vedra & Atlantis.  Whatever it is though, I don’t see this love affair coming to an end any time soon.

Kylie Minogue performing at Ushuaia 2014

Kylie Minogue performing at Ushuaia 2014  Photo John Stables

You get to take photographs of beautiful people across the world’s most beautiful island, some would say a dream job but what is your typical day actually like?

There is no ‘typical day’ out here, especially with my line of work.

However last Wednesday, I left my apartment at 5pm, took the bus to Ibiza town, took a ferry to Formentera, had a meal with staff before shooting in a nightclub. I finished at 6am, took the first ferry back to Ibiza, arrived back in San An at 08:30.  I was then picked up for a fashion photoshoot at 10am, shooting for 3 hours with Es Vedra as my backdrop and then headed back to San An… Then I spent a good few hours sat at the computer editing and uploading the photos before hitting the West End for a few jars.

But don’t get me wrong, I don’t always work so hard, it can be quite an easy life out here.  Sometimes my day just involves breakfast at Rita’s Cantina by the harbour, followed by a day relaxing in the sun with my better half.

What are the shoots that you get the most pleasure from?

That’s a tricky one to be fair.

I first got into Photography for fashion & glamour shoots, so I guess that is probably what I’m most passionate about; however, I seem to get a lot more work shooting events & nightlife, which in itself can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

We know you get to see the wilder side of Ibiza photographing boat parties and club nights.  Is Ibiza as wild as everyone imagines it is?

It can be as wild as you desire (or your wallet allows).  There’s something for everyone here so it’s not like you’re forced into this crazy alcohol & drug fuelled world of hedonism and uncontrolled mayhem, there’s a beautiful side to the island too… ask the hippies!

With so many of us all taking hundreds of pictures in Ibiza what are your top tips for taking a great and memorable photo ?

Well…. my first thought would be to say “put your bloody phone away and enjoy yourself!”
However, I then remember how it was for me when I first started coming here, with my 24 exposure throwaway camera and think how few pictures I have of some of the best times of my life…
So I guess to change my statement, I would say “always carry your camera and be trigger happy; make the most of the views & the sunsets”.

You have to love the sunset when in Ibiza, Photo John Stables

You have to love the sunset when in Ibiza Photo John Stables

We saw your revelation last year when you bought a snorkel mask is this now an essential piece of kit when you are out and about?

Oh god yes, it’s brilliant! It’s completely changed beach days for me, I no longer just stand in the sea up to my waist wondering what I should be doing whilst thinking that people probably reckon I’m having a wee.  Ibiza’s nice below sea level also. (although I’d avoid some areas, like San An’s main beach, it’s a bit, well… dark).

You work hard and play hard but when you get a chance where do you go to escape from it all?

Crikey, where don’t I go to escape…. there’s so many nice beaches out here.  Local to me it has to be Cala Gracio, a little further along for Cala Salada , but then the long stretches of sand at Salinas and Es Cavallet are stunning…. Fancy a boat ride?  Get yourself to Ses Illetes on Formentera, simply stunning!

Saying that though, I’m also happy with a glass of sangria & a book sat by the pool.

You’re based in San Antonio and with a new council having been elected what one thing would you like them to put at the top of their priority list to improve the town?

Simple… increase police presence!

I see police giving parking tickets and towing cars all the time from my balcony.  Yet I sit in the West End nearly every night and haven’t seen one officer of the law down there this summer… regardless of the fact that the place is swarming with prostitutes, drug dealers and pick pockets.

Dancer at the Ocean Beach opening Party Photo John Stables

Dancer at the Ocean Beach opening Party Photo John Stables

What are your 3 hidden gems of Ibiza (IE a beach, a restaurant a view etc)?

Take a boat and head north out of San An, not too far, just past the headland….. hang around long enough, you may well see the pod of dolphins that regularly visits.

Spend the day exploring the cobbled streets of Dalt Vila, I’ve been so many times now and still I managed to find new parts to discover.

The third has to be sunset!  Whether you’re sat on the rocks in front of the sunset strip in San Antonio with a carton of sangria, out on a boat party with 200 revellers or overlooking Es Vedra with a blanket & your girlfriend; it’s always going to be magical.

What are your tops tips for first timers to island?

Get out of San Antonio!  haha, not as bad as it sounds, but I just mean there’s so much more to the island. For most of my lads’ holidays we barely left the crazy little town and we missed out on so much (although we did have an awesome time – apparently).

Oh, and visit my website…. you never know, you may have been spotted  😉

Our deepest thanks to John for taking some time to catch up with us and to see if you have been spotted or to discuss a photoshoot or make a booking you can find his website here IbizaPhotographer.co.uk

Or give him a follow on Twitter or a poke on Facebook.


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