Ibiza Rocks Bar San Antonio Great Food Great Value

Ibiza Rocks Bar San Antonio

Ibiza Rocks Bar San Antonio

Positioned overlooking S’Arenal beach in San Antonio, Ibiza Rocks Bar is one of those pleasant surprises which many people, of our age especially, will walk past thinking it’s not for them. But how wrong they would be.

Full of bikini / short wearing youngsters, we passed this several times on our first visit to Ibiza without giving it a second thought and it turns out we missed out on some of the best freshly cooked food in San Antonio and the most delicious milkshakes ever.

With several recommendations, most notably Wayne Lineker on Twitter, we took the plunge and ventured in and fell in love with the place instantly. There is the bar on one side and the cooking area on the other,  they have a huge screen at the back showing reruns of previous Ibiza Rocks Hotel gigs (where you can play spot yourself in the crowd) so you can see you what you missed out on.

Upstairs there is more seating perfect for larger groups which offers fantastic views over the beach and across the harbour, providing you with a lovely vantage point to survey the promenade and bay.

Ibiza Rocks Bar San Antonio, Ibiza, Great food Great Value

Ibiza Rocks Bar San Antonio, Ibiza, Great Food Great Value

The food is all freshly prepared and it has to be said the Chicken Pitta has to be their most famous dish. Succulent grilled chicken with tomato and tangy coleslaw all wrapped up in a pitta with a choice of two side dishes (we usually choose bacon and cheese wedges and corn on the cob) it’s a perfect meal to fuel you for the day / night ahead.

The menu offers a great selection, including children’s options, and so we are told by a very dear friend who we introduced to the Ibiza Rocks Bar this year that they have one of the best veggie burgers she has ever tasted, and trust us she is very well travelled.

Choose from hearty breakfasts to a wide range of burgers, sandwiches, ribs and wings plus tasty sides and salads a little something for everyone.

Drinks-wise ice cold beers and cocktails are of course readily available but I would recommend the milkshakes which are heavenly, packed full of flavour and are so refreshing even on the hottest of days.

The prices are very reasonable with the chicken Pitta and two sides for under 10 euros this is a great place to fuel up at a great price.

Ibiza Rocks Bar a true feast including the legendary Chicken Pitta

Ibiza Rocks Bar a true feast including the legendary chicken pitta and extra coleslaw

The staff are so warm, friendly and welcoming and nothing is ever too much trouble for them as they scurry from table to table.  It can be extremely busy at times, although despite this their order to table service is fantastic, we have never had to wait very long for our food order at all.

For those who wish to soak up the sun they have sunbeds available on the beach and will deliver freshly made food and drink to you.  That way you can remain lounging on the beach in pure comfort all day long.

Throughout the summer they also host events in the evening from Comedy nights to up and coming bands and is definitely worth a visit. Check out their website for dates.

They are open daily from 2nd May until 1st October from 11am to 4am with food being served between 11am and 11pm.  There is also another outlet in Playa den Bossa the Ibiza Rocks Diner which is close to Space and Ushuaia.

Find out more more including the full menu here ibizarocks.com/-/rocks-bar

or give them a follow on twitter here twitter.com/ibizarocksbar or a like on facebook here facebook.com/ibizarocksbarofficial


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