Why Ibiza is suitable for all ages

Ibiza is suitable for all ages

Ibiza suitable for all

We keep saying that Ibiza is suitable for all ages and doesn’t deserve the reputation that it has been given as just a party island, but what actually makes Ibiza suitable for everyone?

Here’s our quick-ish guide on what Ibiza has to offer you, whatever your age.  Whilst we have listed items under one age group, most are applicable to all ages.

We have written from personal experience gained from not only holidaying as a family with younger children and then of course with teenagers but have also manged to enjoy the island as a child-free couple over many years.

Small children 4-8

Ibiza is only around 2.5 hours from the UK so for this age group a flight is just one big adventure. With a few colouring books (sorry iPads) to keep them entertained, getting there is now relatively pain free.

With lots to see and do in Ibiza, from safe, clean beautiful beaches with crystal clear shallow waters to play in, to guided tours – this age group will just love soaking up the new experiences they will gain.

Ibiza is suitable for all ages Our little one enjoying the sunset in ibiza

Our little one enjoying the sunset in ibiza in awe of its beauty

On holiday they will of course make new friends and meet other children, and will play with fellow children regardless of their nationality in the hotel pool. It’s great to see that at this age that there is no such thing as a language barrier. Kids have an amazing way of being able to communicate without the need for words and still have as much, if not more fun with their new found friends.

Helping them create great memories, exploring outdoors in the perfect Ibizan weather, a few late nights and trying new foods all helps expand their minds in so many ways and broadens their life experiences.

Pre-Teens 9 – 12

It’s the age of still technically being a child, but also wanting to be grown up. They will relish being treated like adults in restaurants (the Ibiza way) and feeling part of the family on an evening out.

They will also thrive on learning to snorkel, exploring under the waves, seeing the fish and other marine life, asking endless questions and wanting to learn about everything.

Play parks are still a favourite for them at this age, as well as more extreme activities like Acrobosc Ibiza Woodland Adventure Park where they will lose hours on the above ground assault course.

They will also enjoy longer walks and exploring the countryside of Ibiza. Taking them to the Hippy Markets and unique eateries will also help keep them occupied nad happy for hours.

Teenagers 13 – 17

This may be the hardest age group to please. Wi-fi is an absolute must and they will grumble about being away from their mates, but once they arrive in Ibiza you can watch their social media timeline fill up with beautiful pictures of the island, the sunsets and the beaches. Making everyone jealous back home.

Ibiza is one of the few places where teens can enjoy some of the world’s top DJs and live music.  You can take them to the Sunset Strip which will blow their minds. And for that small moment in time you will be the coolest parent. Not of course that they will admit it afterward but you will have that memory forever more.

Our eldest at his first proper gig Rudimental at Ibiza Rocks

Our eldest at his first proper gig Rudimental at Ibiza Rocks, the look says it all

Boat trips and visiting some of the best beaches in the world will appeal to them, as will swimming in the clear waters where there is no tide or simply sitting and relaxing listening to the tunes floating across the beach from the nearest beach club is another favourite pastime.

Take them paddle boarding, kayaking or horse riding the possibilities are endless for teenage activities.

They will also embrace the lifestyle, even if they will never admit it as late nights and afternoon siestas sit very well with teenagers.

Young Adults 18 – 22

This is where many of us have our first holidays without our parents and what better place than Ibiza? Its English enough for them to cope on their own and is an island used to the brits abroad mentality, so in our eyes is as safe if not safer than elsewhere.

UK festivals are a great way to spend time with your mates, but they then have the added weather lottery. However, for around the same price you can spend a few days in Ibiza, have a real bed to sleep in, see some of the world’s finest DJ’s spend the days on the beach and evenings eating and drinking without a soggy BBQ, or portable toilet in sight.

If clubbing isn’t your thing you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, boat trips, quad biking tours, the incredible sunset and of course West End.

20 Somethings 23 – 29

The age where you know what music and acts you love and the Ibiza Super Clubs are your natural home, with the incredible atmosphere the heart pounding sound systems and gathering of people just purely to enjoy the music.

It is also the age of the stag and hen do and Ibiza caters for it all whether you would like your own private villa with butlers in the buff, or a crazy lads night out you can have it any way you like.

Amanda at Tapas Ibiza one of the many fine restaurants in San Antonio

Our dear friend Amanda at Tapas Ibiza one of the many fine restaurants in San Antonio

You also start to develop more refined tastes and hunt out those must eat at restaurants across the island. You can rent a car and start exploring. You will be amazed at what else you can find in Ibiza from the hidden delights of Atlantis to the caves or artworks across the ages.

30 somethings 30 – 39

Be it with friends, family or as a couple this is where Ibiza comes into its own. You can have a little bit of everything, nights out, lazy days at the beach, gastronomic delights go off exploring and finding Ibiza’s true hidden treasures, or simply by just doing what looks interesting as you pass by.

Take a relaxed health or yoga trip or explore the quieter side of the island and take a little bit of you time in paradise.

This is the age where you also get to introduce your children to Ibiza for the first time and can look on feeling all warm and fluffy as they fall as in love with the island the same way you have and watch as the next generation have their hearts stolen by the white isle.

40 somethings 40 – 49

Your own children are all grown up and are either flying the nest or don’t want to go on holiday with you so it’s time to get back to Ibiza to enjoy all of its delights, some from your younger days and some more reserved and mature.

A trip early or late in the summer season allows for much more exploring, quiet nights outs before the crowds of summer descend on the island and allows you to take in more views and cocktails at your leisure.

A little more relaxed but Ibiza is still truly incredible as you get older

A little more relaxed but Ibiza is still truly incredible as you get older

An evening spent exploring Dalt Vila with its incredible history and stopping off at one its many restaurants before losing a few hours shopping in the endless and unique boutiques is just perfect.

A new holiday sport is born…People-watching. You will catch yourself chuckling inwards at those youngsters taking their rights of passage like you did many years before. It is a great activity and let’s be honest you were just the same once as they are now. Having one too many the night before, not enough sleep and a little too much of the excesses of life.

50 plus, well they say life begins at 50

Ibiza is a truly ageless place and going to Ibiza in your golden years is perfect whether you want a quiet beach holiday, great food and time to relax and recharge or something more energetic.

Why not take on the challenge of walking around Ibiza in 11 days or if that’s a little too much there are so many cultural wonders on the island to explore from art galleries to museums to the churches and little villages which seem to be held frozen in a moment of time from years gone by.

And yes you will still be welcome at the island’s clubs with open arms and no one will frown or judge you for your age.

This is why we love Ibiza. It is truly ageless. Everyone is so sociable and friendly and the island delivers so many different activities, places to visit, restaurants, bars, clubs, culture – the list is endless.

So next time you look to travel consider Ibiza you won’t be disappointed no matter your age or the age of your travelling companions because Ibiza is suitable for all ages.

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