Ibiza is the top location to spot celebrities when on holiday

Ibiza top celebrity destination

Ibiza top celebrity destination

A survey of 2,000 holiday lovers has revealed that Ibiza is the top location to spot celebrities when on holiday.

The survey, carried out by Holiday Hypermarket, wanted to find out if people were influenced by where top celebrities take their holidays and investigated the question if people actually spent more money to spot celebrities when away.

The results are genuinely surprising with one in four adults admitting they had an interest in where celebrities go on their holidays.

80% of these even booked destinations based on where their favourite celebrities had been and those most influenced even admitted spending extra to visit a celebrity hotspot whilst away.

It may also surprise you that men are twice as likely to spend more on a holiday celebrity hot spot than women are.

One in 5 of those surveyed claimed that they had met a celebrity whilst on holiday with Ibiza being the top destination for fan moments, followed by Marbella / Puerto Banus and Italy.

Unsurprisingly the under 35 year old group were most likely to take an interest in where a celebrity went on holiday, with 1 in 3 saying celebrity holiday spots were of interest to them. But even the older generations are not too far behind with 1 in 5 agreeing to having a celebrity interest.

From Will Smith to Joey Essex Ibiza is a top place to spot celebrities

From Abi Clancey Will Smith to Joey Essex Ibiza is a top place to spot celebrities

However, only 10% of those from Wales and Scotland showed an interest in where celebrities go on holiday with the South East England coming out on top when following celebrity holiday trends.

Tweets and Facebook posts from celebrities alongside magazine and newspaper pap pictures are showing us more of the world than ever before and with Ibiza winning their hearts and minds it seems that the celebrity influence is reaching the mass population.

So whether you want to spot the celebrities from your favourite TV show, musician or even a member of parliament or are just trying to copy-cat their holidays it seems that Ibiza is the number one place to holiday when celebrity spotting.

You can see the full results of the survey by Holiday Hypermarket here.

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