Interview – Ed Moore the Power behind Exodus Super Yacht Ibiza

Ed Moore the Power behind Exodus

Ed Moore the Power behind Exodus

With a new super yacht party coming to Ibiza this year, we took a few minutes out to sit down with Ed Moore Founder and Director of Exodus Super Yacht Party.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule,  can you start by telling us a little about yourself, and your involvement in Ibiza?

I first came on holiday to Ibiza in 2004 to visit my brother who was working at Mambos doing the famous fire show on the beach.  Every year after that I was drawn back and eventually made my life here.

I’ve run boat parties in San Antonio for the last 10 years and have seen them grow from the humble booze cruises to the modern day Super Yacht Party.

With the launch of Exodus Boat Parties this year, how do you think this will change the party boat scene in Ibiza?

People now have a choice; it’s not the same old boat event with early entry after party.

If they are looking for a bit more luxury and to party in a unique venue at sea – they now have the chance – and it doesn’t actually cost any more!

I think this will attract more people to the boat part market.  If anything, people who might have avoided a busy booze cruise now have the opportunity to watch the sunset on a roof top bed with a glass of champagne and be as involved in the party as much as they like.

ED: Click for an update on Exodus Super Yacht Party

What can visitors expect on board Exodus?

We are trying to create the ultimate Boat Party experience which starts with the vessel.  A custom built Super Yacht with 4 floors, 4 bars, VOID sound rig, cocktail lounge, VIP tables, rooms & beds with bottle service throughout a sushi restaurant, shop and great production.

We then bring in the best promoters from the UK with everyone from Hedkandi to Abode and a lot more to be announced who all bring their unique style and artists. Not forgetting of course the back drop of the Ibiza Sunset.  All promoted by a team with huge industry experience and probably the top Boat Party promoters on the island!  This mix will create the most memorable experience you can get on your holiday!

Inside Exodus Party Boat

Inside Exodus Party Boat

How have you seen the Ibiza tourist market change over the last few years? 

I’ve seen busy years, quiet years and the music trends change.  I think holiday makers are a lot more savvy than they used to be.  I remember a time when we didn’t even sell or promote online – now that would be unthinkable.

People can check everything out before they come and chat to people about their experiences, which is why promoters and venue owners are now having to up their game.

People want the luxury experience within their price range as they know they can get it elsewhere. It’s not about throwing in as many freebies as you can get,  it’s all about improving the core product and delivering great service.

Do you see the emerging luxury and style market in Ibiza changing it for the better?

It’s open for debate whether it changes Ibiza for the better or not.  The luxury trend has been growing for the last few years and arrivals are up this year. Tourism is a good thing for the island and customers vote with their feet so if they don’t get what they want here they may go elsewhere.  Flights aren’t that expensive any more!

When you want to get away from it all, where in Ibiza is your favourite place to escape to?

I’m a big fan of the Jockey Club on Salinas Beach, you can really unplug from San Antonio and it almost feels like a different island!

Jockey Club Salinas Beach

Eds getaway on Ibiza, Jockey Club Salinas Beach

Do you think that San Antonio has an unfair reputation, especially within the British media, for being wild and out of control?

I think it stems from bad press over 10 years ago which is unfair.  Its a tough image to shake.  All I know is that it’s nothing like what is reported when you are here and I do my best to tell everyone I can!

What are your thoughts on the possibility of British Police patrolling San Antonio this year?

Personally I think it’s great and should help British tourists and Spanish authorities to understand each others points of view.

What is your current favourite track of the year so far?

For me, picking on the spot, I would say Low Steppa – So Real – it gives a good feeling of what it will be like on the Super Yacht this summer.

Which Djs do you recommend looking out for in Ibiza this year? 

I will have to give a nod to our resident DJs Will Taylor & Jimmy Bell.  They are doing a great job forging the sound and are behind the project 100%.

What are your top tips for those coming to Ibiza for the first time?

Get online and do your research.  Read up on your promoters and check social feeds like Twitter and Instagram as not all Ibiza sites list every event and of course make sure you know all the events on offer before you get here!

Our thanks to Ed for taking time out to talk to us and if you would like to know more about Exodus you can find their website here but book early as space on some trips is limited.

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