Interview with Nick from IbizaHire supplying all your Ibiza needs

Interview with Nick from ibizahire

IbizaHire supplying everything Ibiza

IbizaHire is a one stop shop for all your Ibiza needs from villas to club tickets, luxury airport transfers to sunset boat trips, to arranging a bespoke party or wedding on the island these guys are the go-to people for everything.

They have been arranging, organising and helping people create their perfect holiday in Ibiza since 2002 and are able to create the most amazing memories no matter what your requirements and requests.

We sat down with Nick Head of Operations of Ibiza Hire to find out more about the services they offer to those visiting and about their true love of Ibiza.

A very warm welcome to the blog Nick it’s great to have you with us today. Where did it all start for Ibiza Hire?

It started way back in 2001 while I was a holiday rep working for Airtours in the Hotel Seaview in Port des Torrent.

A large part of a rep’s job is dealing with the problems holidaymakers face and on a daily basis we would be getting questions such as “Our room doesn’t have a fridge”, “the airline has lost our pushchair”, “we need a wheelchair or mobility scooter” the list goes on.

So I decided the following summer I would return and start an equipment rental company offering a wide range of items for hire including fans, kettles, toasters, hairdryers etc. Customers would call and I would deliver to their hotels on a moped in the beginning!

Over the year I would be asked for other things such as “where is the best place to hire a car”, “can you recommend a boat charter or villa company” and so I had a website built and over the years began to offer more services.

We now have 10+ exclusive villas to Ibizahire and offer a wide range of services, activities and even equipment for hire. If you need a hairdryer we can still do that to 🙂

IbizaHire helping make your perfect holiday in Ibiza

IbizaHire helping make your perfect holiday in Ibiza

You are able to offer your clients a huge wide range of services, which in your opinion are the most popular ones that your clients request?

We try to build personalised itineraries for all of our clients but one of the most popular services we offer is help with transport whilst on the island.

Sometimes it can be difficult for visitors to the island to be able to travel where they want and at the time they want to so being able to arrange minibusses and coaches from the airport, restaurants and clubs takes the stress away for them.

Other popular services for our villa guests include organising boat charters, restaurant reservations and club tickets or VIP tables.

I have to ask what has been the strangest request you have ever been asked for?

Well Ibiza being Ibiza we often receive many odd requests but the most frequently asked for  strange request is from stag groups wanting to handcuff a dwarf to the stag for a night out in San Antonio!

Ibiza weddings alongside stag and hen dos are growing in popularity, what is it like taking the stress away from the happy couple’s big day and giving them a day they will remember forever?

For most couples the most stressful thing for them is the fact they are not in Ibiza whilst the planning is going on, having a team on the island means we can make sure everything is booked in with all of the vendors.  We can visit the venue for them again to plan the  finer details like where decorations and lighting will go and can make sure that everything is finalized before they even arrive in Ibiza.

We speak with our couples weekly throughout the planning process by email, whatsapp and skype calls.   I think that  the constant communication helps to put  the couple’s mind at rest that no detail will be overlooked. That means when the day arrives all they have to do is relax and enjoy it!

Ibiza is becoming busier than ever not only with those looking for clubbing holidays but for those who wish to explore and enjoy the quieter beauty of the island, do you feel with the influx of people Ibiza is losing its magic?

No not at all, ever since the hippies arrived in the 60s Ibiza has been constantly changing and along with the stunning scenery and friendly locals I think this is what creates the magic of the island.

Ibiza is no longer just about the partying and excesses of life.  Are you finding that more of your customers are looking for a quiet relaxed and laid back time on the island?

Yes certainly, we have many clients looking to book villas in rural locations away from the hustle and bustle of the larger resorts.

Things like Yoga retreats and fitness/wellness holidays are also very popular at the moment which is great as these groups tend to come out of season which is brilliant for the island.

We also get a lot of families in our villas who will hire a car and explore Ibiza’s beautiful beaches and inland villages which they love, it’s great to see people enjoying the ‘real’ Ibiza.

The rural Ibiza is an untouched oasis of the island

The rural Ibiza is an untouched oasis of the island and great for exploring

For those who have never visited Ibiza before and who think it’s just for young party goers what do you say?

For such a small island we really do have it all! I always say don’t believe everything you hear, you have to come to experience the island yourself.

We often find when we are hosting weddings here in Ibiza the guests of the bride and groom often say that without being invited to a wedding on the island they perhaps wouldn’t have chosen Ibiza for their holidays but now they are here it isn’t what they expected at all and definitely will return.

Ibiza truly does have something to offer everyone no matter what age or type of holiday you are searching for.

Yes you can come on a stag or hen holiday and spend all week partying in the West End but this is only one of many dimensions of the island.

There are very few places in Europe and perhaps the world that can offer what our small island can. World class restaurants, over 50 stunning beaches, accommodation ranging from hostels to luxury 5 star resorts, Unesco World Heritage sites, numerous daytime venues such as Ocean beach, Nassau and Blue Marlin, yoga / wellness retreats, an array if activities such as horse riding / hot air balloon and jeep safari – the list goes on.

Dalt Vila one the cultural wonders of Ibiza

Dalt Vila one the cultural wonders of Ibiza

What are your three gems of Ibiza which you would recommend to everyone visiting the island?

1. Spend the evening on the sunset strip and marina in San Antonio – witness magical sunsets, a great atmosphere and lots of fantastic restaurants to choose from.

2. Hire a car and escape the main resorts heading inland to the traditional villages such as Santa Gertrudis, San Carlos and Santa Agnes. Then head towards the North of the island perhaps visiting the caves in San Miguel or the famous beach at Benirras. People are often surprised at how easy it is to drive and that you don’t have to go too far from the main resorts before you are in the countryside.

3. Charter a boat and see the island from the ocean, there are many great charter options out there and you do not have to spend a fortune. Swimming at Cala Bassa, seeing the mystical rock of Es Vedra before witnessing the stunning Ibizan sunset all in one afternoon is pretty special.

Charting a boat around Ibiza the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the island.

Charting a boat around Ibiza the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the island.

Ibiza is a forever changing island, be it from changes made by the authorities or a more diverse tourist visiting.  How do you see the island developing over the next 5 years?

There has been a great deal of investment recently towards the higher end of the market and in particular 5-star hotels which will of course attract people at the higher end of the market.

Yes I believe the demand for high quality accommodation is on the rise and massive investment in this sector is happening and this was seen by places such as Ushuaia Hotel, Ibiza Gran and the Hard Rock hotel chain chose Ibiza for their first European hotel a few years back.

While I do think it’s always great to constantly improve and raise the standard we also have to remember the youngsters and families who do not necessarily need 5 star standards.

Currently we do still have every standard of accommodation and you can often spot patterns in the way people keep coming back to Ibiza.

Often the first time to Ibiza is on a 18-30 style holiday of stag/hen party, then it’s a villa holiday with friends/family, then perhaps a couples holiday in a more luxurious hotel and finally a family friendly holiday in an all-inclusive hotel.

As long as Ibiza continues to offer all standards and varieties of accommodation people will still keep coming.

Finally when you get a rare day off where do you like to escape to on the island to get away from it all?

Days off in the summer are rare but the great thing about Ibiza is when you do have a day free you are spoilt for choice. Heading over to Formentera with friends for lunch is pretty hard to beat!

A huge thank you to Nick for giving us an insight into IbizaHire and his thoughts and love about Ibiza as an ever evolving island and one which is open and suitable for everyone.

For all your Ibiza needs check out IbizaHire here at on twitter @Ibizahire on Facebook or on Instagram

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