Interview with Tony and Becky from Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

Tapas Ibiza San Antonio our favourite place to eat

One of our “must eat at” restaurants in Ibiza is Tapas Ibiza, which we first discovered after a recommendation on Twitter from Wayne Liniker; and promptly fell in love, with its location, its food, the staff, the ambiance and of course their Mojitos.

Celebrating the restaurant’s 3rd birthday this week we sat down with Tony and Becky – Owners/Managers at Tapas Ibiza for a quick chat over a Mojito or two about the restaurant, San Antonio and the 2015 season.

How did the idea of Tapas Ibiza come about and how did it develop into what we know and love today?

The three of us (ourselves and our business partner Glyn) worked together for about 5 years before we started Tapas so we already had a good, strong working relationship.

We were looking for a new project to take on together and had a few aims that we wanted to offer people – great quality food, at an affordable price, in a welcoming and relaxed setting.

Was it by accident or on purpose you found such an amazing location in San Antonio away from all of the hustle and bustle?

The restaurant site already existed before we took it over and was actually already called Tapas. The three of us used to visit quite a lot and got to know the previous owners.

We always used to talk about how amazing it would be to own the restaurant and how much we loved the space, the huge outdoor terrace and the atmosphere…. Needless to say we couldn’t believe our luck when it became available!

We decided to keep the name but in the past few years have made quite a lot of changes to really make it our own.

Has mixing traditional Spanish and British cuisine given you a wider appeal than just one or the other?

Well I wouldn’t particularly say that we’re a Spanish or a British restaurant. We’re a venue that specialises in really good food designed to share.

Accompanied with excellent drinks, amazing staff, and all at a reasonable and affordable price, well, I’d say it’s a winning combination and we’re extremely happy with how things are progressing!

Tapas Ibiza specialising in really good food designed to share Photo courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

Tapas Ibiza specialising in really good food designed to share Photo courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

What changes to the restaurant and menu can we expect to see this summer?

This summer sees some big, big changes for us which is really exciting! We’ve added a retractable roof (toldo) over the terrace which makes our outdoor dining area even more appealing than before.

It means we can offer our customers a welcome bit of shade from the scorching daytime sun (if they wish), and also means that we can keep serving through any rain that might happen. Although luckily that isn’t a particularly common occurrence during an Ibiza summer as you know!

It’s a great addition as it means we can now open for a longer season than we did before as with the roof cover and patio heaters next to tables it really keeps the heat in on the cooler nights at the start and end of the season.

We’ve added more tables on the terrace and refurbished the garden area making it the perfect setting for private parties or large group dinners. We’ve already had huge success with a wedding dinner, a 40th birthday party and a baby shower. And it’s not even May yet!

We’ve also got a new head chef which has seen some really delicious new additions to this years menu, as well as all of the old favourites of course!

You have a huge range of amazing dishes but which is the most popular one you serve?

The Popeye is always a big hit with our customers! It’s a mix of pan fried spinach, mince meat, cream, Parmesan and black pepper and as far as I know there’s nothing else like it on the island.

So most people that come for the first time tend to order that, and then order it again and again! We also do a vegetarian version called Olive 😉  and one of our most popular new dishes is definitely the pan fried scallops served with morcilla (like a Spanish black pudding) and a pea and mint puree.

Who is the most famous client you have served?  Wayne Lineker doesn’t count sorry, and what did they order?

Roger Sanchez has visited a few times which was amazing, but we can’t specifically remember what he ordered, sorry!

Last year you took table reservations via Twitter; will you be doing this again in 2015?

Yes, definitely. We always love it when customers interact with us on Twitter or any other social media platform for that matter. It’s lovely when locals comment on their most recent Tapas experience, and it’s really great when people in the UK or another country share their previous visits with us and talk about how excited they are for their next trip!

It’s that time of year when everyone is buzzing for their summer trip to Ibiza and we love to see that! So we will continue to take bookings through Twitter, as long as they are advance bookings. For same day reservations we always recommend you call us so as to speak to someone straight away.

Tapas Ibiza great food and drink in an idyllic setting in San Antonio

Tapas Ibiza great food and drink in an idyllic setting in San Antonio Photo courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

Do you feel that San Antonio is slowly changing its image from purely a party town into more of a resort suitable for all?

I’d say so yes. The amount of changes that have happened in San Antonio in the past couple of years is great; people spending money on the area and encouraging new and more tourists to visit is always going to be a good thing.

For example, the opening of Ocean Beach has brought so many more people to this side of the island and it’s a great mixture of clientele as well. These types of venues are great and imperative for the continuation of San Antonio as a tourist destination.

It’s excellent to be able to offer somewhere for the budget holiday maker as well as the high end customer who wants to do the VIP thing. I mean, San Antonio and the surrounding area has some of the best beaches on the island!

I think people forget that quite easily, but hopefully these positive changes mean that even more people will get to experience the other side of San Antonio, even if they did originally come for the parties ;).

With the forthcoming elections and the talk of change in the air, what one thing would you like to be done to improve San Antonio?

That would without a doubt be the extension of the passeo (ed: the promenade). There’s been a lot of talk about this recently and we feel it’s something that would benefit the area massively.

It would make it easier for tourists to experience the whole of San Antonio rather than just one part. By connecting San Antonio with the bay, the variety of shops, bars, restaurant and beaches would be greatly improved for every tourist, as well as residents. It would also open up a new option of coastal walks and cycle routes, again increasing tourism to this side of the island.

As discussed in the previous question, a lot of business owners have spent a lot of time and money recently on renovations and trying to offer something new and different for the area. The passeo would be the perfect way to showcase these new ventures and investments.

When you have a rare day off where do you like to escape to on Ibiza?

Yes it is very, very rare for us to get a day off in peak summer! But we love what we do so we appreciate the busyness! When we do have a chance to escape, even if it’s just for a few hours, we enjoy the simple things like long lunches with friends or treating ourselves to a beach massage and a swim at Cala Nova.

Meat and cheese board at Tapas Ibiza

Meat and cheese board at Tapas Ibiza Photo courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

What are your top tips for those coming to Ibiza for the first time?

Probably to try and experience as much of the island as you can – sure the party side is great, but the natural beauty of the island is truly incredible. Not to mention the beaches and gorgeous clear blue sea!

I’d say spend at least one day exploring the island, hire a car or jump on a bus, or even just take a taxi somewhere new, you won’t regret it! But be careful, you probably, most definitely, won’t want to go home!

A huge thank you to Tony and Becky for the interview and we shall be back many times over the coming months for their great quality food, drinks and ambience.

You can find Tapas Ibiza online at or on twitter here @tapasibiza

For last minute reservations call (0034) 971 341 125

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