Is this the end or the beginning of the West End

Is this the end or the beginning of the West End

The West End Ibiza is about to change

With new regulations being voted on this week to restrict the hours and operations of a small part of San Antonio, Ibiza we ask is this the end or the beginning of the West End.

For those that are not aware the West End in San Antonio is several streets in the heart of the town comprising of lots of bars, takeaways and a few shops.

Over recent years the local council have been trying to clean up the area, firstly by banning PR’s (people who stand outside venues talking to the public to persuade them to enter their place of business), then restricting the hours of opening and especially the hours the terraces (seating areas outside) could be in place.

This week will see a raft of new measures be voted through in an attempt to reduce the noise and discomfort experienced by local residents living in the area.

You can read about the full list of measures here on Martin Makepeace’s blog Man in San An but to simplify it for you, basically all venues in the area will have to close their terraces at midnight and close completely by 3am.

So is this the end of the West End?

We have no doubt it will change from what many of us have been used to but with so many very astute business owners in the area we as we have seen across Ibiza businesses adapt, reinvent themselves and thrive.

There will be no more very late night cheap drinking, no more sitting out on the terraces until the early hours even a possible reduction in the excesses that the West End offered but with a shift from night time to daytime clubbing it may well give the area a boost as it is forced to change.

Is this the end or the beginning of the West End

Is this the end or the beginning of the West End

This summer with daily pool parties at Ocean Beach and Ibiza Rocks those that want to continue partying after will be able to enjoy the West End at the end of their day.

Those that are heading out to the Super Clubs will use it as a warm-up before they head off to dance the night away.

This summer also sees the Football World Cup being held in Russia and with many football fans visiting Ibiza this could become THE place to watch the games which have all been scheduled to take place in the afternoon / early evening.

It also offers up opportunities for businesses to change and diversify and to attract a wider audience, before the West End became what it has been over recent years it was a vibrant mix of bars, restaurants, art galleries, shops with a wider attraction for tourists.

It will no doubt change from this year on, but it will be interesting to look back in 5 and 10 years time to see how the area reinvents itself and how these new changes impacted on the West End.

The West End WILL survive but it will also change forever from what we know today. There is still the wider question of what will happen to those who want to party late into the night away from the Super Clubs? Only time will tell.

We are optimistic here at the White Isle about the West End something we have learned from visiting and writing about Ibiza is that it is truly an expert at evolving and changing to meet its current challenges and the needs of it’s visitors.

As for the West End, over the next few years yes it will be tough and new ideas, new thinking and new ways will have to be found in order to survive but we have no doubt that those open to change and able to adapt will thrive, those that aren’t will fail but of course ultimately they will be replaced by something new.

So as the title reads this is just the beginning for the West End in San Antonio Ibiza.

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