Is San Antonio, Ibiza suitable for the middle aged?

San Antonio Egg

San Antonio Egg

As a party hot spot San Antonio or to give it its full name Sant Antoni de Portmany has a bit of a reputation most people holidaying on Ibiza would think it’s the last place to stay once you reach a certain age.  However we would disagree.

We are a middle-aged couple and have been staying in the resort for the last few years with and without our little ones.

Yes it still has the party areas, notably a few streets just off the waterfront called the West End and of course two Super Clubs near the famous Egg but apart from these areas and associated hotels San Antonio holds its own as a holiday destination suitable for all.

The town itself is beautiful and contains many bars and restaurants new and old.  A true mishmash of architecture ranging from high rise holiday apartments to quaint hostels and everything in-between some covered in street art which is a sight to behold. Being the second largest town on the island it has great transport links, be it by bus (our preferred travel method see this app for essential bus info) taxi’s and water taxis all essential for getting around the island.

It is also home to the Sunset Strip, a group of bars which is a must place visit when coming to Ibiza, if only once, to sit back and enjoy the world’s most incredible sunset, experience the atmosphere of the bars with modern DJ’s  playing sets to their customers, the thousands of people gathering on the rocks, the boats bobbing up and down offshore all gathered together watching mother nature at her finest waiting for the moment the sun disappears beneath the horizon followed by great cheers and clapping before all heading off with their own nightly plans.

San Antonios Famous Asset The Sunset

San Antonio’s most famous asset the sunset

The bars here are more expensive and we tend to grab a few beers from the local supermarkets (a couple are just off the sunset strip and before the strip) and gather with others sat on the rocks beside the bars listening to the music carried on the breeze, watching people and especially their reactions to the perfect sunset.

Being an island and away from the partying, Ibiza is all about the sun, sea and sand and staying in San Antonio is ideal as next to the harbour is a huge well maintained beach ideal for sun bathing. But you can also take a relatively inexpensive ferryboat to one of the nearby beaches where you can swim, snorkel and sunbathe to your heart’s content.

To the north of San Antonio, just up from the sunset strip is Caló des Moro.  It’s  a very small beach but great for swimming and snorkeling and if you are there at the right time is highly amusing watching sunbathers getting soaked as the daily car ferry from mainland Spain arrives (normally early afternoon) and sends in some huge waves which roll in a fair way up the beach. (so make sure you put your towel at least half way back).

Cala Bassa Beach

Cala Bassa Beach

We would recommend getting the earlier ferries from the waterfront as the beaches do become very busy especially in peak season and our top beaches to check out are Cala Bassa, Cala Conta and Cala Salada to name but a few. All the ferry companies have little cabins along the waterfront displaying timetables and locations along with cabins where you can book watersports and trips along the coast.

Boat trips are a great way to see more of the island be it a trip all the way round or when going to a specific place (aquarium, hippy market, Es Vedra) however one of the nicer and more relaxing ways is just to take a boat trip, be it in the afternoon or to watch the sun setting from a different vantage point.

Chilli Pepper Charters

Chilli Pepper Charters

We highly recommend Chilli Pepper Charters (Sofi the sailor and Vicente the captain) who run trips from the waterfront with a maximum of 20 people on board they include drinks (suitable for all) snorkeling gear and floats etc. They take you to some of the lesser known spots to enjoy Ibiza at its best. We have seen and swum with octopus, shoals and shoals of fish, seen swordfish jumping, taken part in cliff jumping and experienced some of the most spectacular and unique sunsets Ibiza has to offer.

As evening falls we love to take a walk along the harbour front and check out the market stalls selling handmade crafts, mementos and stunning artwork, or take a bus into Ibiza Town to check out the more edgy bars and boutiques in the old town.  It’s also a great way to explore Dalt Villa and its narrow streets full of surprises round every corner.

Tapas Ibiza

Tapas Ibiza

Eating out can be as cheap and expensive as you like with some very exclusive restaurants dotted across the island to your everyday fast food restaurants.  However in San Antonio one restaurant not to be missed is Tapas Ibiza located 300 meters from the main beach. (from the beach front go past Ibiza rocks bar and turn left past Linekers bar and Burger King, cross the road and head down the road with the sea directly behind you Tapas is just round the bend on the right hand side).

They serve the tastiest food by far, under the premise you all order a tapas or two and then all share finding your favorites and trying new things. We have had many a lovely evening here and a mojito or two afterwards wandering back along the front watching all those party people heading out to the super clubs as we aim for our hostel for a well earned sleep.

Also worthy of note is Relish in San Antonio Bay, the multi award winning Es Ventall, El Rincon de Pepe, Tijuana Tex-Mex and Ritas Cantina on the waterfront to name a few.

Where to stay is completely up to you but I would suggest a little research goes a long way to avoid the noisier party hotels such as Piscis Park, or the family filled Hotel Tanit.

San Marino Hostel

San Marino Hostel

Our particular favorite is the San Marino Hostel about 10 minutes walk from everywhere, it’s a great price with well proportioned rooms a bar and swimming pool and the staff are always cheerful and happy to chat while serving great priced food and drinks to tourists and locals alike.

As for the question is San Antonio suitable for the middle aged, of course it is and you never know you may want to relive your youth and visit one of the super clubs (we have and it’s a close your eyes at the ticket / drink prices but another experience to tick off the bucket list)

If you have any questions or comments please submit them below or you can check out our many Ibiza videos here.


  • kelly flockton

    Hi, me and my boyfriend are going to San Antonio on the 29th June. We are in our late 20’s and not really into clubbing. I am wondering if you can recommend any quieter bars and nice places to eat. Thanks kelly

    • Hi Kelly,

      Do not worry San Antonio is much more than partying, in fact its only a small part of the town called the west end which is to be avoided if its not your thing.

      The sunset bars are very good and for the quieter ones go to the Cala Des Moro end of the sunset strip.

      Tapas Ibiza is our favorite restaurant, others to look our for are Candy Apple Ibiza, Milla Mercedes, Davids Pizzeria.

      Beaches, Cala Gracio by foot or get the ferry to the Aquarium and walk over the rocks or also a ferry to Cala Salada (every other day) or Cala Conta (daily).

      A visit to Dalt Vila and the old town of Ibiza is a must lots of winding streets, bars, restaurants and cafes, you can get the bus from the bus station in San Antonio to Ibiza Town every 15 mins.

      If you let us know where you are staying and if you have transport or not we can suggest lots more 🙂 and keep an eye on the blog and our twitter feed (@whiteisleibiza) or facebook thewhiteisleibiza we are heading out tomorrow for our first trip of 2015 and will be posting loads of up to date info.

      Many thanks


      • kelly flockton

        Thanks that’s great info. We’re in hotel Piscis! We got the holiday given by some friends who booked and can’t go otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen to stay there!

        • Its not that bad although is aimed at the party goers but on the plus side when your asleep they will be out partying and its bang in the middle of San Antonio by the egg and close to everything.

          If you drop me an email and give me a couple of days will send you loads of info, let me know what you like doing, walking cycling, beaches etc

          many thanks


  • Hi Tristan great site, we a couple in our 50s, we came to Ibiza last year, (belamar) loved it and coming back in sept, (belamar), but reading all the post I think we missed out on a lot, we got a taxi to the taxi rank in San an went up a hill with lots of bars and people,I persumed that was the west end,(not for us),so we came back,I don’t think we Evan saw the harbour, or the sunset strip, I would also like to do the tourist train,do you recommend that,after that night we just used to walk as far as the bay bar,or stick to the bay side, we did not really eat out in the evenings as the food is very at the hotel, but we had lunch near the hotel,every day, sorry to go on, but can you help us get a bit more from our holiday, thank you so much, I also have a return flight ticket (gatwick) in sept 11nights do you know how I could sell it it’s a shame just to leave it. Thank you for any tips. Julie and Barry. ☀️☀️

  • I’ve been going to Ibiza since 1989 I am now 44 and holidayed there again this year… Myself and my friend partied as hard as all the kids! But if that’s not what you want you can still have a lovely relaxed holiday no matter what age! San Antonio has changed beyond recognition over all these years, some ways for the best some for the worst but, it’s become a place for all to stay now if you ask me!

  • I want to visit San Antonio last time was 1989, I went to a club called Sgt Peppars and they had a big red London bus with the East enders logo scrawlled across it, nearby, I guess that’s not around anymore.

    I want a cheap apartment/ room in a quieter area, if anyone knows pls let me know.

  • Hi myself and my hubby both early 50’s are going to San an and are staying at ses savnes hotel. Is this in the quieter area and are we close to eateries exit. Thank you

    • Hi Vicky,

      If its Ses Savines hotel it is located on beach front in San Antonio. It is reasonably quiet the only noisey venue nearby is Ocean Beach which closes at Midnight if not beforehand depend on their event of the day.

      Not far from you is Tapas Ibiza which we highly recommend,

      You are a short walk from the main town where there are plenty of restaurants and if you walk alongside the boats passed the boat club look for Milla Mercedes, Rita’s Cantina and Skinny Kitchen all very good quality eateries and at a reasonable price.

      Also if you continue uphill past the end of the marina you will pass the famous cafe del mar, cafe mambo and a little further on passed the open ground there are some quieter bars to enjoy the sunset from Bamboo, Kanya, Golden Buddha.

      If you are looking for a very relaxed boat trip check out Chilli Pepper Charters there cabin is on the waterfront as you approach the town from your location, as well as a host of other boat excursions which are avalible.

      There is an evening market on the waterfront beside the fountains and many shops in the streets behind, at the end of the restaurants along this side is the West End which I would imagine is not your thing (many bars and clubs).

      I hope this helps and if you need any other advice please drop us a line or post here, many thanks


  • Hello, my husband and I both in our 60s (my husband not in the best of health and has limited mobility) have provisionally booked the ‘Palladium Hotel Palmyra – Adults Only’ in San Antonio in October. The reviews indicate that this is in the quieter part of San Antonio and I wondered if anyone can confirm this or whether we should could consider somewhere else. Many thanks.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I can confirm the Palladium is on the main beachfront in San Antonio and in October will be quiet, many of the bars aimed at youngsters close late september early October so whats open are more all years bars, resturants.

      The view out across the bar is fantastic and the promenade runs left and right from the hotel one way to San Antonio bay the other to San Antonio town, both aprox 10 mins walk.

      If you could let me know the dates you are there I can give you a better idea of whats open and what to do.

      Thank you


  • Hia Tristan,
    me and my hubby both in our 50s are coming to San Antonio Bay and staying at the Hotel Togamago, on Sept 12th-22nd. please can you tell me if we are close to the nightlife and shops etc, we like a bit of fun etc, just Not too rowdy. are there lots of things suitable for us to do and see as we both have a few health issues.

  • Hi Millie,

    San Antonio Bay is a lovely area and fairly quiet with restaurants and bars within walking distance of your hotel.

    A short water taxi ride away is the main town of San Antonio where there is more of a nightlife and busier areas including shopping and an evening market, also the sunset strip which is a must visit for everyone who goes to Ibiza.

    A short walk from your hotel are several nice beaches and the start of the main promenade which leads to the town (about a mile), along here are several lovely quieter bars and set back from the waterfront our must visit restaurants Tapas Ibiza although we would advise a taxi from the hotel as it is quite a walk.

    For things to do from the main harbour (where the water taxi drops you) you can find a large amount of water based cruises and day trips as well as ferries to other beaches around Ibiza.

    A short bus ride away is Ibiza Town (buses every 30 mins) which is great for shopping and exploring of the old town and Dalt Vila.

    If you could let me know your interests I can advise more on what to do, where to go.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Tristan,
    Myself and my husband are looking to come to san antonio bay next year. We are both in our fourties we like sandy beaches and being able to walk along promenades and eating out. I also like looking in gift shops etc. We like pubs with entertainment but we are not clubbers. We do like it to be busy. We were thinking of staying in the Intertur Hawaii but dont want to be surrounded by 18-30s. Would you recommend this hotel or any others. We like soending our days at the beach and would like a hotel central to everything.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Donna,

      The Hawaii is perfectly placed for your trip, it is not too busy around that area with the nearest large youngster entertainment venue being Ocean Beach (closes at Midnight).
      There is a great beach just outside the hotel, ferries leave from outside to take you to the main town of San Antonio where you can find a few shops great restaurants and bars, the sunset strip and the bus station with great links to Ibiza town (better shopping) and Dalt Villa.
      There are also a number of restaurants and bars close by within walking distance.
      The hotel is also situated at one end of the main promenade which extends around the main waterfront for approx 2 miles through the main town and ending at a small beach called Calo des Moro.
      From the main town you can catch the water taxis to some great beaches or take day trips to Es Vedra or a fantastic swimming and snorkelling trip (chilli Pepper Charters).

      I hope this gives you a rough idea and if you would like more information please ask.

      Best wishes

  • I love your comments and knowledge Tristan and at 54 and 56 agree completely that San Antonio is for everyone.
    We have been going to San Antonio for about 10 years now actually staying in the Ses Savines Hotel for the last few.
    The hotel is a fantastic and it is family run, the staff really look after you. From June onwards there is a mixture of young and old staying but it is not a party hotel as staff will deal with rowdy behaviour.
    Being right on the promenade you can get some noise early morning from people walking back to their hotels but you are in Ibiza.
    The hotel has its own beach garden with sun beds which are free and the sea is just a two minute walk.
    Use San An as a base to get out and see the Island, if you have the money hire a car or get a ferry over to Formentera.
    One omission from your restaurant list The Curry Club in San An is a must, again the staff can’t do enough for you.
    146 days and counting.

    • Hi Bob,

      Thank you for the kind words, added knowledge and will definitely be checking out The Curry Club, its great to hear recommendations from others so thank you it is deeply appreciated.

      Best wishes


  • Hi, I’ve found this blog really useful, thanks.
    Wasn’t sure we’d done the right thing booking for San Antonio in May as my friend and I are 45 and 52 and our clubbing days are behind us, and to be honest never really there in the first place for my friend!! Your blog has made me think it will be ok??
    We are staying 4 nights at Envisa Hotel Es Pla. Not quite sure where that sits in relation to the various areas of the resort?
    We like nice beaches, love a boat trip, good food, good cocktails and enough life around us to feel a part of it but not to feel totally out of place purely surrounded by glamorous sexy teens and 20 somethings reminding us we are middle aged middle spread ladies 🙂
    Love music, quite a wide eclectic taste but must say not a massive fan of the typical ‘dance’ music that I’d expect in the clubs.
    Definitely will try the tapas bar you recommend, thank you.
    Would like to eat/drink watching the famous sunset but without the price tag cafe mambo seems to command! Looked at pre-booking a table but decided against when they want a commitment to spend a minimum of €70 each!!
    I gather it’s ‘opening weekend’ when we are there so not sure if that will make it particularly busy??
    Any advice/recommendations you can offer would be great.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Anne,

      Thank you for the kind words and to add a little more help to your trip.

      Opening week/weekend is the Wednesday 24th (Eden opening) until the 28th with most of the clubs having their openings over this period, it is likely to be busier than other weeks in May but not manic like the main summer months of July and August.

      Also those that go for the openings tend to be very into their music so are not the younger stag hen do out for an over zealous time shall we say.

      Your hotel is centrally located and apart from the few people returning to their rooms late night early morning you should have a great stay here and as said its music lovers that week so I would be happy staying in that area at that time of year, I would get a safe for the room for any valuables (we advise this for all hotels) just to be on the safe side.

      Ibiza is a no one cares place (why us middle agers ourselves fell in love with the island) be it age, height, waistline or similar and is all inclusive open to everyone so no need to panic there.

      As to the sunset strip, Cafe Mambo is just one of 5 bars in that section who all do charge a premium for drinks and food, our advice is to pick one and just have a couple of drinks to watch the sunset. Or if you wish a full meal walk a little further around the coast to Calo des Moro where there are quieter and slightly cheaper sunset terraces with as equally as good views.

      Things to do places to go.
      Tapas Ibiza which you mentioned is a must and it lovely from the food to location to the staff, it is about 15 mins walk from your hotel and the best way to get there is to walk down by the beach along the promenade until you reach Linekers Bar / Burger King then head away from the beach, cross the main road (zebra crossing to your right) and head up the road opposite, it is about 400 meters on the right, it is a dark no pavement road but well worth it.

      Boat trip wise Chilli Pepper Charters who run afternoon and sunset sailings (in late may once the sun goes down it can get noticeably colder so take a lightweight jacket or similar) and you can find full details of their trips here

      Another excursions to look at (all the cabins are on the waterfront beside the egg roundabout) are a trip to Es Vedra the third most magnetic rock in the world which is aprox 3 hours and takes you along the stunning coastline of Ibiza to the island and back again.

      Beach wise grab a ferry to Cala Bassa this is a lovely beach with beach club, snack bar and restaurant lovely sand and shallow waters (the water will be fresh).

      The choose of cocktail spots is endless a walk along the beach you will find Bay Bar, Tulipan, Surf Lounge all great relaxed places to spend a few hours watching the world go by with a cocktail or two.

      The West End will be busy but not manic and yes it is aimed at the younger generation but we love it for people watching and recommend The Highlander and Shenanigans (who may have live music on some night with the lovely Paddy Slater) they have lovely staff and are two of the friendliest bars in San An, it maybe a little too much as its not for everyone though.

      Places to eat, along the beach front check out Ibiza Rocks Bar and their famous Chicken Pittas, heading the other way to the marina Ritas Cantina, Skinny Kitchen, Villa Mercedes, Rio Bar are all great places.
      More into the town El Rincón de Pepe, Charlies Bar Italian, Es Rebost de Ca’n Prats to name a few.

      If you wish to visit Ibiza Town and the ancient and famous Dalt Vila the bus station is behind your hotel and the buses are clean and very reliable and run every half hour until late. Is a lovely side to Ibiza and great for exploring, the walk to the top is well worth the views.

      I hope this gives you a little flavour to what San Antonio has on offer and I have added all the places mentioned to a map so you have an idea of what is where which can be found here

      If you have any other questions or queries please ask away.

      Best wishes


  • melanie kinsella

    Hi Tristan, Thnks for this website. My self and my husband are going to San Antonio Bay on 11th May and staying at Hotel Apartments Marina Playa. My Daughter is convinced this is not suitable for us as she says it is the clublife but having read these reports I thimnk we should be ok. I am 59 and my hubbie IS 64 both very young at heart and fit and healthy not fit as in hot lol

    • Hi Melanie,

      Thank you for the comment and the kind words and you can reassure your daughter you will be fine. Firstly you are on holiday before the main clubbing season starts (the end of May) and more importantly the club and nightlife is restricted to a very small area of San Antonio town which is easily avoided if it’s not your thing, but we always advise everyone visit the West End (a group of 50 plus bars) to see for themselves.

      I accept the nightlife is not for everyone but San Antonio has so much more to offer, amazing beaches, fantastic restaurants, a little culture, the incredible sunset on the sunset strip. Activities of every type from walking, 4 by 4, cycling tours, watersports a plenty, boat trips from a few hours to full days, and so on.

      In early May you will find most places open (bar the super clubs) the weather is warm/comfortable during the day but a light jacket/jumper may be needed after sunset.

      Transport links are great and from San Antonio Bay it is a short water taxi ride (from beside hotel Hawaii) or 20 mins to the main town where you can get a bus to Ibiza Town with its larger shopping area, Dalt Vila and large port area with restaurants on every street and corner.

      If you would like our recommendations of what to see where to go and what not to miss please drop us an email and we will be happy to provide further details, but overall you will be fine San Antonio is a great place to stay for all ages and you can reassure your daughter you are in safe hands and will have a lovely time.

      Best wishes


  • Hi Tristan,
    Great site, fab posting! My daughter moved to San An’ in 2014. Since then, my wife & I have visited five times. What an amazing island. Something for everyone, regardless of your age, or what type of holiday you enjoy – it’s all there for the asking. San An’ has a reputation is doesn’t deserve. Yes, there are occasional idiots, but you can find idiots anywhere, & they’re easily avoided. Obviously we stay with our daughter out on Portugal Street (translated), and since 2014, we have had some of the best holidays of our life. If you ‘get’ Ibiza, you’ll be hooked for life. Fantastic food that doesn’t have to cost the earth, world class dining if you want to push the boat out, an amazing vibe, and whatever beats or complete silence you want. Personally, I love the club grove, so I’ve done Mambo’s (danced in the rain one night to great applause), the famous Del Mar across the street, Pacha, Space, KM5, the list could go on and on, but the point is, Ibz is truly a chill-out zone like no other. Anywhere. Whoever might read this that might be in doubt – GO! And don’t be affraid of San Antonio. I celebrated my 60th birthday this year, and back in 2015, I have a fond memory of seeing a guy and (I presume) his wife who were considerably older than my now 60 ‘getting down’ in Del Mar, they weren’t bothering anybody, and that for me, really struck home. It sums up Ibz almost perfectly, go & do your thing. Ibz doesn’t judge. If your not harming anybody you are welcome with open arms, blissful weather, and sunsets that bring tears of joy to your eye.

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for the kind words and a fantastic way to describe the island and San An for those of a somewhat more mature nature than what many expect.

      Best wishes

  • Hi,
    My husband and I are going to book this Sept to come to Ibiza for the first time. I am 55 he is 57. We love the sun, sea and sand and also love bars and restaurants. We wouldn’t be interested in clubs but, do want a bit of life. We can’t make our minds up between, San Ant or Player Bossa! Could you please help. We would like to stay near the beach in a hotel.

    • Hi there,

      We would recommend San Antonio, it is a little further from the airport but you have the advantage of the stunning sunsets, water taxis to amazing beaches. A great range of bars and restaurants to suit all tastes. Lots of water sports and day trips leave from San Antonio harbor.

      Bossa we would say has become more aimed at the evening / nightlife in recent years, it does have a great choice of restaurants and bars as well as a long beach but it does come with the planes overhead. It is closer to the airport and to Ibiza town but transport links from San Antonio are also regular and reliable.

      If you would like our recommendations please drop me an email to and we will send you more information.

      Best wishes


      • Hi Tristan,
        Thank you for your information this is so helpful.
        We shall definitely take a look to compare hotels. I have also been recommended
        Santa Eulalia as a nice destination. We aren’t sure after reading reviews whether that would be to quiet.

        Thanks for your help

        • Hi Bev,

          No problem at all.
          Santa Eulalia is beautiful but is quieter than other resorts especially at this time of year but again has lovely beaches in the town and close by, great restaurants and is close to the largest hippy market on the island at Es Cana which is on Wednesdays.

          It has good transport links to Ibiza Town and a few other towns / resorts close by.

          Best wishes


          • Hi Tristan,
            That’s great. Sounds beautiful. I’m off to the travel agent as we speak. I think
            Ibiza is definitely the place for us. I wish we had visited years ago! But we shall make up for lost time I’m sure.

            Thank you once again.
            Best wishes

          • Hi Bev,
            Excellent please keep us updated and let us know if you need any other help and how you find Ibiza.
            We didn’t find the island till our middle years and are truly making up for it now 🙂
            Best wishes


          • I will let you know how we get on. We have booked Santa Eulalia.
            So onwards and upwards. Thanks once again.

  • Hi Tristan my husband and I are thinking of taking a holiday to Ibiza but I’m not sure because we’re in our mid sixties and I know there’s lots of night life with a lot of partying going on so I’m not sure if it’s the right place to go we were there 24 years ago but I’ve still got doubts wether it’s going to be much what is available for night life for over 60

    • Hi there,

      Across Ibiza there are many areas away from the younger partying crowd but still with a nightlife, waterfront bars and great restaurants. San Antonio is great for activities, boat trips, eating out, beaches but can be quite lively. Santa Eulalia is more relaxed again with great restaurants and bars and a slightly slower pace of life.

      I can drop you an email if you like with more info on various places to stay across Ibiza so you can have the perfect holiday in Ibiza again.

      Best wishes


  • Agnes Russell

    Hi there me and 2 friends was looking to come to ibiza next year all ladies more mature 2 of us 60 and one 55 we all love music and having a ball but not clubbing can you tell me are there pubs with live shows on at night thanks in advance

    • Hi Agnes,

      If you are visiting Ibiza peak season (mid-May to September) have a look at San Antonio Bay, Santa Eulalia or Es Cana all offer a great location with plenty of bars / restaurants but not too lively 🙂

      Best wishes


  • Hello we are 43 and going to San Antonio on October 15th for 1 week staying at ses Savines hotel ,will there be much open we don’t want to spend time in San Antonio town but we do like music drinks and nice food any suggestions please .

    • Hi Carol,

      The season will be winding down but there will be enough open and still plenty of things to see and do. Many of the major clubs and bars will be closed but for example, on the sunset strip, Mint Lounge will be open for the perfect view of the iconic sunset. More relaxed bars like Bay Bar, Tulip, should be open still as well as many of the great restaurants Tapas Ibiza, Casitas, Villa Mercedes.

      If you would like a more comprehensive list please let me know and I will send you an email with more details.

      Many thanks

  • One thing to note is that you can’t sit on the rocks outside the sunset bars anymore as they have built decking with seating over the top. It kind of kills the atmosphere in my opinion. The food and drinks there are overpriced too. You could go to Kumharas around the bay which is a much more chilled experience if you want to catch a sunset. Considering it’s reputation (no thanks to Sky TV’s Ibiza Uncovered), San Antonio is home to some of the very best restaurants on the island. El Rincon de Pepe is excellent for tapas and good for people watching if you sit outside, Es Ventall (pronounced Es Ventay) is an award winning restaurant (the chef has won a bunch of national and international awards)- go to the shouting man statue by the football stadium and turn left, you’ll find the delightful courtyard about 50 yards down on your left. The food is amazing and you won’t believe the value for what it is), Tijuana Tex-Mex is great, there are a few Chinese restaurants in San Antonio but the Mei Ling is by far the best imho and has a huge menu and on the outskirts on the way out of town on the San Jose road is Sa Soca. I usually catch a taxi there and the warm, friendly and attentive staff are always happy to ring for a taxi back if you ask. The food is excellent and you have a gorgeous view of Benimussa and it’s pine-covered hills out the back. If you’re into your wine look out for the Can Rich label. The vineyard has recently won the ridiculously difficult to achieve Spanish gold seal award for wine and their wine is simply wonderful! Finally there are all manner of boat trips and water activities such as SCUBA diving available right on your doorstep on the front. Hope you have fun!

  • Hi, I’ve just booked my first Ibiza holiday for me and my daughter end of August. We are staying at hotel parasol San remo. We don’t want to be right in the middle of parties 24/7 but do want to be close enough for us to walk or taxi to clubs ect when we feel like it. Is this hotel to far out? Also I noticed lots of the big clubs are out of San Antonio do the buses run all night? Or would we be stuck there until morning?. I’m 38 and my daughter is 21.
    Any help or tips would be appreciated so we get the most out of our holiday.
    Thanks in advance😊

    • Hi Sarah,

      No problem and do not fear you have booked perfectly and I shall email you directly with more information.

      Best wishes


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