Judge Jules Interview on Ibiza 2017

Judge Jules Interview on Ibiza 2017

Judge Jules Interview

After going down an absolute storm at Dance88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza last year, Judge Jules returns to the Wednesday night party on selected dates between the 7th June and the 20th September this summer.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Jules over an Ibiza sunset and glass of Sangria at one of his favourite sunset bars Mint Lounge, (Mambo wasn’t open yet) in San Antonio to talk about the upcoming year and Ibiza In general.

A huge White Isle welcome to the blog Jules it is great that you could join us at this amazing setting in Ibiza and we have to ask do you ever get tired of watching the sun set Ibiza?

How could one? I’m lucky enough that my pad in Ibiza had direct sunset views, and on a clear day one can see the Spanish mainland, silhouetted by the spectacular sunset. Gets me every time.

This year you are taking on a regular slot at Dance88/89 at Sankeys in Play d’en Bossa, what can we expect from your sets and are these Ibiza Classic (incidentally the name of Jules’ latest album) sets the ones you are most passionate about?

The late 80s (and early 90s) was arguably the most influential era in the history of dance music, so to have the opportunity to delve back into that vibe is always going to be mesmerising.  Especially when I can inject my own futuristic, ‘2017’ take on things.

There are now several events in Ibiza celebrating the last 30 years or so of dance music which not only attracts a new audience but is also bringing back those people that were here the first time around.  How great is it to see such a diverse audience finding or reliving the early days of dance music?

It’s refreshing to know that so many iconic tracks are being re-edited and remastered to fit modern environments. It means that, even 20+ years on, they are still having a significant impact on people who weren’t even alive (or at least of clubbing age) when those tracks were released. A true testament to the effect dance music can have on multiple generations.

Dance 88/89 Sankeys Ibiza where Judge Jules will be resident this summer

Dance 88/89 Sankeys Ibiza where Judge Jules will be resident this summer

After over 20 years in the business and still Djing across the globe nearly every weekend, how do you find the energy to keep going and keeping your own passion for playing?

The homework and research behind DJing is still a lengthy process. I continue to enjoy discovering and rediscovering music from all ends of the spectrum, and that has a vast influence on my productions and live sets.

Some people may be aware that, in addition to being a DJ, I am a music lawyer during the week, meaning I represent a whole plethora of artists, allowing me to delve into worlds of music and new artists I haven’t reached before.

You live just outside San Antonio which for several years has been downtrodden by many, how good does it feel to see so many of the hotels, bars and restaurants being upgraded and bigger named events returning to the resort?

It’s great to see things evolving. Over the last five years or so I’ve witnessed much change for the better quietly taking place, with upgrades and reinvestment in so many different areas. It’s nice that this momentum is now being acknowledged.

However, it’s still an evolutionary work in progress, only 50% or thereabouts completed, and I reckon that in another 4-5 years any negativity about San An will wholly be a thing of the past.

Judge Jules Interview on Ibiza 2017

Judge Jules “Ibiza isn’t just about partying get out there and explore the island’s culture”

Ibiza is a forever evolving island and is currently riding a wave of VIP culture and big named performances yet still caters for the clubber on a budget.  What is your advice for people coming on their first Ibiza clubbing holiday?

Although Ibiza is renowned for its clubbing culture, the island is also a beautiful location away from its nightlife. I recommend that you split your time in Ibiza wisely – partly taking advantage of the clubs and partly exploring the more cultural side of things. Failing which, it’d be one long 24/7 hangover of a holiday, which isn’t much of a holiday at all really.

Ibiza is more than just partying and club nights which are your top three places everyone should visit on the island away from the clubs?

  • Walk to the top of the old town and take in the breathtaking views over the Mediterranean and city of Eivissa.
  • Find a nudist beach and take the plunge.
  • Devour a delicious Pan Con Tomate for Breakfast.

A huge thank you to Jules for his thoughts on Ibiza and you can catch him across the summer Dance 88/89 at Sankeys Ibiza on Wednesdays.

You can also find him online at www.judgejules.net on Facebook facebook.com/judgejules or on twitter @RealJudgeJules.

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