Kayaking with Kayak Ibiza

Kayaking with Kayak Ibiza

Kayaking with Kayak Ibiza

Kayaking in Ibiza is something we have always wanted to try, so when we got the opportunity in April we jumped at the chance to go Kayaking with Kayak Ibiza winter excursion and took to the water to see the white isle from a different perspective.

We arrived at the meeting point of Cala Codolar and joined another 15 other excited kayakers.

Our group was made up of all ages (youngest was our 13yr old, an experienced kayaker), as well as several different nationalities who had travelled from all over the island for this morning of exploring.

Whilst on the beach the group was given a safety briefing including a brief introduction to sea kayaking, how to paddle correctly, how to position the foot rests in kayaks specific to our individual height as well how to use the dryproof bags we were each given to protect our valuables.

The three instructors with us then worked through the group getting us into our kayaks and gently launching us off the beach to practice paddling in the sheltered cove so we could get used to our mode of transport for the day.

After about 15 mins we were all in the water and with everyone happy we started to paddle along the coast.

Kayaking with Kayak Ibiza

Kayaking with Kayak Ibiza paddling out from Cala Codolar

I have to say at first I felt very unstable but it took only a few minutes to work out the correct way to balance in the kayak and how to paddle and it was much easier than I ever expected.

As the instructor at the front shared interesting facts on Ibiza’s history, flora and fauna as we paddled and provided us an insight into the geology and ethnography of the incredible island the paddling itself became second nature.

We were lucky enough to visit a large cave one which we had not seen before and it was great to see this so close up and from a unique perspective, you don’t normal get.

Exploring the cave with Kayak Ibiza

Exploring the cave with Kayak Ibiza

We were then guided into a beach for light refreshments and a breather from paddling and the group bonded really well and were all chatting sharing their experiences and adventures in Ibiza.

As always with groups of like-minded people, you get to hear about an activity, restaurant, beach which you add to your must do when in Ibiza list.

All too soon it was back into the kayaks and we headed back to Cala Codalor where we had started from, but what an amazing view we had as we paddled back with Es Vedra shrouded in fog in the distance.

Paddling back to the start with Es Vedra in the distance

Paddling back to the start with Es Vedra in the distance

Once back to the beach and we were all safely back on dry land we were given some stretches to do, a must if you do not want to ache too much the day after.

Al in all we had a fabulous trip and we cannot recommend Kayak Ibiza enough for their organisation, the equipment provided and their knowledge of Ibiza.

Added to this they were so friendly, welcoming and very patient even to those of us whose experience of kayaking was somewhat limited.

Kayak Ibiza offer various kayaking expeditions and trips including a family based one which you can find out more about on their website here www.kayak-ibiza.com or follow them on Facebook here facebook.com/kayakibiza

Thinking of buying a kayak then check out this great guide here courtesy of GloboSurf.

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  • I always thought of Ibiza as being a party capital with nothing but drunken teenagers! I had no idea it had such beautiful waters to explore! I shall add this to my list of paddling destinations 🙂

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