Keep valuables safe at the beach with Swymbags

The Swymbag

The fully waterproof Swymbag

It’s always been one of those silly but potentially serious problems.  What exactly do you do with your valuables when you want to go for a swim?

Do you leave one member of your party on the beach to stand guard and hope they won’t fall asleep while you have all the fun in the water?

Or do you choose not to take anything with you and leave everything such as your phone, camera, cash, etc back at your accommodation and have to go back everytime you want something?

If you’re on your own or visiting as a couple it’s difficult for you to just relax and enjoy yourself because you are always looking over your shoulder at your pile of stuff on the beach ready to be swiped by some unscrupulous person when you are not looking.

Well finally the solution is here in the form of Swymbags. Swymbags have a 100% waterproof compartment and come in various sizes including one even large enough to hold an iPad as well as enough space for your money, keys, phone, passport and camera.

Click to watch the kickstarter video for Swymbags

Thefts from beaches are a growing opportunistic crime with over 4000 incidents reported in the UK alone, let alone the rest of the world with places such as Ibiza being much more beach orientated than the UK because of their beautiful weather.

Stylishly created to look like a regular bag, Swymbags are as versatile on land as they are in water. They are constructed from the highest quality materials, giving you a luxurious feel against your skin and to the touch.  The Swymbag is a premium product built to last and will become your most trusted travel companion.

The Swymbag bumbag

The Swymbag bumbag perfect for you’re mobile and passport.

Their unique patented locking system ensures that anything kept within the waterproof compartments stays 100% dry so you never have to leave your valuables unattended on the beach ever again.

They come in various sizes as well,  a bumbag for those travelling light, a shoulder bag and the backpack so they have a size to suit everyone.  No matter what size you choose, every one will hold the basics such as your mobile, passport, keys and currency meaning that life will be much easier when you’re at the beach.

With their Kickstarter Campaign gathering pace it is expected that the bags will be ready for sale or delivery if you back them, towards the end of 2015.

The Swymbag backpack

The Swymbag backpack large enough for an Ipad and 100% waterproof.

To find out more and save a wopping 30% on the RRP visit their kickstarter project here

Or follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with their progress.

Please remember with kickstarter funding you only have to pledge now and the money isn’t drawn until the end of the campaign and then only if they get the amount of funding they are aiming for.

So we urge you to pledge your support like we have this is a product the world needs.


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