Kevin and Perry Go Large comes of age

Kevin and Perry Go Large comes of Age

Kevin and Perry Go Large turns 18.

Possibly one of the biggest Ibiza films ever made, Kevin and Perry Go Large comes of age this week being released 18 years ago.

The feature film based on the comedy characters of Harry Enfield aka Kevin the teenager and his best friend Perry played by Kathy Burke was taken from short sketches in their comedy show and adapted onto the big screen.

For those who have never seen the sketches Kevin is your typical teenager where life isn’t fair, his parents are embarrassing but when transferred to the big screen it was all about music, losing his virginity and Ibiza.

The film starts in the UK where Kevin and Perry are trying to be cool, trying to lose their virginities and trying to become superstar DJ’s.

Several hilarious scenes later Kevin and Perry foil a bank robbery and as a thank you are given a reward which is enough to take them to Ibiza, where sex is plentiful and DJ’s are made.  However Kevin’s parents insist on tagging along.

Once in Ibiza, they meet superstar DJ Eyeball Paul and the girls of their dreams, which all goes horribly wrong in comedic fashion as they check out the beaches, bars and clubs of Ibiza.

Perry ends up videoing Kevin’s parents having sex which causes Kevin and Perry to have a teenage bustup but all is not lost and DJ Eyeball Paul remixes their track and uses the videos they have taken in Ibiza as part of the mix, where he plans on playing it at the club.

It all culminates in a night at Amnesia and well if you know you know, and if you don’t go have a watch it is 90 mins of laughs and lots of cringes.

As teenagers and early 20 somethings you will think I was never like that and as parents to teenagers, you will sympathise with Kevin’s parents from the off.

Several very famous locations where used in the film although with some artistic licence.

The apartment used in the film is in Santa Eulalia with the El Bacaro Restaurante Pizzeria underneath and is easily recognisable to this day by anyone who has seen the film.

El Bacaro Restaurante Pizzeria in Santa Eulalia used as the apartment in Kevin and Perry Go Large

El Bacaro Restaurante in Santa Eulalia used as the apartment in Kevin and Perry

Also “the” beach they head to based on Mixmags advice is Benirrias Beach famous for its Sunday drums but which from Santa Eulalia would of been one heck of a taxi fare for two teenagers.

Dalt Vila and Ibiza town feature as does the port of Ibiza although every time Kevin and Perry pass by EyeBall Paul apartment we wonder where they are going as all that’s past there is the sea, however it is great spotting places and views we are all so familiar with.

Cream at Amnesia features heavily in the film as the Ibiza club which all seems rather poignant this year as Cream moves on to pastures new.

With a slightly different layout than we are all used to in the main room, it does project those hefty nights at the club well which many of us have experienced over the years.

Cream at Amnesia in Kevin and Perry Go Large

Cream at Amnesia in Kevin and Perry Go Large

The film implies there are restaurants and bars opposite the entrance of Amnesia which is true artistic licence at its finest but we’re not sure a scene on the disco bus would of worked too well getting the boys and the parents to the club.

Also one part of the film which will resonate with us all still today is when the parents go to enter Amnesia and the interaction between Kevin’s dad and the ticket seller, played by Steve McFadden. How Much? With the reply no concessions for senior citizens so even 18 years ago it seems some were saying the prices were a little steep.


Virgins in Ibiza Kevin and Perry Go Large

Virgins and wannabe DJ’s in Ibiza Kevin and Perry Go Large

The soundtrack to the film is still as good today as it ever was although Kevin and Perry’s track Big Girl (All I Wanna Do Is Do It!) written by Judge Jules and Harry Enfield possibly hasn’t stood the test of time so well.

Some have and whenever we hear Ayla Dj Taucher Mix it instantly reminds us of walking out of Ibiza airport into the Mediterranean sun.

Other notable tracks include Mauro Picotto – Lizard (Claxxixx Mix)CRW – I Feel Love (R.A.F. Zone Mix) or Fragma – Toca Me which you may just get away with playing in Ibiza in 2018.

As well as Judge Jules, Fatboy Slim also provided some of the soundtracks to the film so maybe it is still relevant to some of us at least.

Kevin and Perry Ibiza Memes still used to this day.

Kevin and Perry Ibiza Memes still used to this day.

So as Kevin and Perry Go Large comes of age this week, is it a cult film? Probably not but it is well loved by many of us Ibiza veterans and those brought up on late 90s comedy and we know several people who watch it on the plane or before they leave for another season in Ibiza to get them in the mood.

Although it is a little scary to think that some of this year’s first time visitors to the island looking for sun, sea, Balearic beats and of course sex won’t have even been born when Kevin and Perry Go Large was released.

Kevin and Perry Go Large is available on Netflix and Amazon and is regularly shown on UK TV it has also spurned many memes across social media when people discuss Ibiza.

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