Larry Lamb finds a cruise mate in Ibiza

Larry Lamb in Ibiza

Larry Lamb in Ibiza

To celebrate the launch of Thomson’s newest cruise ship TUI Discovery 2, well-loved celebrity Larry Lamb was challenged to find a “cruise mate in various locations across the Mediterranean.

One of his ports of call was Ibiza where inspired by his upbringing in a fish and chip shop in London, Larry went in search of the freshest seafood available on the island.

After a quick visit to S’Escalinata inside the walls of Dalt Vila, Larry met up with local fisherman Miguel.

A native Ibizan who grew up in a traditional fishing family and dedicates his life to the sea, catching a variety of seafood that is then sold to local restaurants and markets.

Miguel invited Larry to join him for a ride in his boat, to learn a little more about the local fishing scene and to sample the fresh daily catch.

Larry was then introduced to one of Ibiza’s best kept secrets – ‘El Chiringuito de Dona Maria’, commonly known as ‘the Fish Shack’ – to prepare and cook lunch with the owner, Samar.

The restaurant has been run by Samar’s family for the past 38 years – and despite its off-road location – its a mecca for locals and the  in the know tourists.

The restaurant serves the freshest local seafood, with the menu changing depending on the daily catch. Larry joined Samar to cook and serve sea bass during the busy lunchtime rush.

The series of videos also includes stop offs in Barcelona and Palma where Larry got to meet an eclectic and diverse mixture of vibrant locals who all have a story to tell – known as ‘Cruise Mates’.

The story behind the series is a study by Thomson Cruises and the Human Nature Research Lab at Yale University, which proved that Brits who bond with up to five new people from different cultures whilst on holiday can experience a happiness boost of 10%.

Larry Lamb on a traditional Ibiza fishing boat

Larry Lamb on a traditional Ibiza fishing boat

We agree with this wholeheartedly as we have met so many fascinating people in Ibiza who have become dear friends over the years, and let’s all be honest it’s always good to meet new people and enjoy new experiences and cultures.

It is also great to see a holiday company showing a little more diversity on offer especially in regard to Ibiza proving yet again the island is a great destination for all.

To find out more about the Cruise Mates series with Larry Lamb you can visit their website here

This article is an advertorial on behalf of Thomson Cruises.

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