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Love Ibiza Now

Love Ibiza Now

Every single day you read online or see somewhere on social media the impact that plastic is having on our oceans and environment. Plastic is a huge, global problem, and finally we are waking up to the cause and effects it is having, RIGHT NOW, on the world’s largest eco system, our ocean.

Today we wanted to talk to you about a non profit organisation, Love Ibiza Now, created to inspire a movement for a cleaner future.

Love Ibiza Now encourages every single person on the white isle, from tourists to businesses alike, to get involved with helping rescue the island from the impacts of plastic pollution and litter. They campaign to bring people together to create lasting solutions that the island needs to build a sustainable, healthy environment.

Plastic pollution is extremely serious and we are finally waking up to it. Companies such as Starbucks have pledged to ban all plastic straws from their business by the 2020. A lot of smaller companies are following suit here in Ibiza. Getting rid of plastic straws is the gateway to making your life greener.

Did you know the US uses 500 MILLION STRAWS A DAY!!!! They are in the top 10 pollutants found on the beaches and shorelines. Do you really need a straw? They are more of a habit than a necessity. Let’s get rid of them altogether.

From beach cleans and educational events, Love Ibiza Now, focuses on educating those who live on the island and those just visiting, to make healthier, non plastic choices. Simply by choosing to recycle and ensuring you pick up rubbish from the beach as soon as you see it. These small steps, can lead to a large overall change. A change the world really needs to see.

Love Ibiza Now campaigns for a cleaner future for Ibiza.

Love Ibiza Now campaigns for a cleaner future for Ibiza.

Plastic is extremely dangerous to marine life. If one tiny fish gets trapped in your plastic waste, this can have a knock on effect to the larger marine life, and have drastic impacts further up the food chain. We have all seen the awful photos of dolphins, whales and sharks, washed up on shore, tangled or having swallowed too much plastic.

Over the winter months Love Ibiza Now arranged local beach clean ups, and every now and then throughout the Summer months they are still happening – even in the peak of high season when the beaches are full of tourists.

You can keep up to date with when they are having a beach clean up day by following them on Facebook and Instagram. We highly recommend attending a beach clean up day, so you can fully educate yourself on the effects of plastic and just how severely damaged the eco systems are around Ibiza because of it.

Even if you cannot attend a beach clean up, just ensure when you visit a beach with your friends and family, that you get into the habit of taking your own rubbish away with you. And go the extra mile and pick up the rubbish and plastic around you.

Love Ibiza Now takes inspiration from other beach clean up projects such as @take3forthesea, who encourage you to pick up 3 pieces of plastic and rubbish each time you go to a beach or pass one.

They are encouraging local businesses to get rid of plastic bags and introduce more eco friendly shopping carrier options. Keep your bags in your car or hand bag and remember to take them with you instead of picking up more plastic carrier bags. Keep a basket or bin in your car so that when you can, do your own clean up. See plastic. Pick it up.

To this Ibiza Club News posted this video of a recent boat trip where they were shocked to find so much rubbish on the shore and under the surface of Ibiza.

Get involved with #plasticfreeibiza and help campaign with Love Ibiza Now. It is what our little island and world as a whole really needs.

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