A new extreme way to visit Ibiza

A new extreme way to visit Ibiza

A new way to visit Ibiza

With the ever changing way people are visiting Ibiza, we have now heard several examples of a new extreme way to visit the island and enjoy the best Ibiza has to offer.

To read up on the way those visiting the white isle are changing read this excellent post by Martin Makepeace here “Record Arrivals for Ibiza but Where’s the Money?

However, there is now an emerging extreme way that people are visiting the island.

We first heard of this in 2016 by a group of friends who wanted to see a specific DJ in one of the world’s greatest clubs but this year we have now seen several groups do it.

Some more successfully than others it has to be said.

Here is the scenario you have a tight budget but you want to experience the best of what Ibiza has to offer, luckily you live in an area of the country where multiple daily flights to Ibiza are on offer.

Also, your favourite DJ is hitting up the terrace at Amnesia and it has been a while since you partied till the sun comes up so you and a few mates hatch a plan.

It is filled with risks and possible disasters but it seems a growing number are trying it.

You book yourselves on the evening flight out of Gatwick which leaves at 20:55 just enough time to leave work, grab a few essentials and get to the airport for a few beers or G n T’s.

The flight thankfully departs on time and you arrive in the late evening warmth and at  just past Midnight you grab a taxi to Amnesia.

You’re in Amnesia by 1 am and dance the night away until the sun rises having an amazing night and as your favourite DJ smashes it, you revel in the music and the ice cannons.

Would you try an extreme visit to Ibiza for night out?

Would you try an extreme visit to Ibiza for a night out?

You fall out of the club at 06:30 grab a taxi back to the airport with enough time to grab some breakfast.

Or as one girl we know said: “it’s amazing what a spare pair of knickers a pack of wet wipes and an airport loo can do for your personal hygiene”.

You get the 09:55 flight out of Ibiza back in London by Midday for some much needed sleep ready for work the next day.

Now this may not appeal to the majority of you and the risks are high, late flights, falling asleep at the airport etc,  but we can see its appeal.

With no luggage and just the basics in a small bag, it’s cheapish if you grab the flights at the right time.

It can even be expanded on so you leave at lunchtime on the first day and take in a beach and a bar or two before hitting up the super club later that evening.

Ultimately with no accommodation costs and limited time on the island it’s a new and cheapish way to experience the best Ibiza has to offer.

Now to the costs

Train Waterloo to Gatwick £30 return
Flights with Easyjet £70 return (mid August 2018)
Club entry £45
Taxis £10 (split between 4 total £40)
Food and drink £50

So for a total of £205 you could have one night in Ibiza which is a little higher than a major night out in London but not by much we suspect.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this and if you have ever attempted it please comment below or via our social media.

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