New Skinny Kitchen Opens in San Antonio Ibiza

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

The Skinny Kitchen

Healthy eating is now even easier in San Antonio as the fantastic Skinny Kitchen has spread its wings and opened a second restaurant within the town.

Located beside the marina, it is the last restaurant before you reach the breakwater as you make your way from the waterfront towards the Sunset Strip. It offers  the same healthy eating philosophy but now with added views out across the marina of San Antonio.

Built on the premise of Eat Clean Rave Dirty the Skinny Kitchen has been a revelation since opening in 2014 in the West End in San Antonio, (read our review here) offering the health conscious tourist an alternative from the usual eateries that offer sugar loaded beverages and high sugar but low fat dressings on salads.

The new Skinny Kitchen by the marina San Antonio Ibiza

The new Skinny Kitchen by the marina San Antonio Ibiza

After all, why spend the winter eating well, keeping fit and arriving in Ibiza in tip top condition to then have it ruined within a few days by not being able to find healthy tasty foods.

The new restaurant is currently open from Midday until 8pm and as peak summer comes around will extend to open from 8am until Midnight daily.

The Skinny Kitchen a new restaurant but the same incredible and healthy food.

The Skinny Kitchen amazing tasting yet incredibly healthy food.

So whether you are on a specific diet or just want to eat a little healthier while on holiday and keep that tip top body in perfect shape the Skinny Kitchen is the place for you.

For those of you who can’t make it to Ibiza you can also find Skinny Kitchen restaurants in Bournemouth and opening soon in Canterbury.

You can find the Skinny Kitchen online at and of course they are on twitter and facebook.

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