New Swimming Area for San Antonio Ibiza

Calo des Moro San Antonio

Calo des Moro San Antonio

Recently installed beside Calo des Moro beach is a new dedicated swimming lane. Created by the council at a reported cost of 2800 euros this provides a safe open area for swimmers.

The lane is 7.5 meters wide and 450 meters long and is designed for those training for open water swimming competitions or triathlons but can also be used by those who just wish to swim longer distances.

The area lies 50 meters from the coast and is marked with green buoys running from Cal des Moro towards Cova de ses Llagostes where the Aquarium cap Blanc is located.

The new dedicated swimming lane at Calo des Moro San Antonio ibiza

The new dedicated swimming lane at Calo des Moro San Antonio ibiza

This is the first such dedicated swimming lane to be installed in Ibiza and has the support of Balearic Swimming Federation and nautical station Sant Antoni and Sant Josep and was installed with the full permission of the coastal authority.

It is also going to form a part of the “Travessia Cova de Ses Llagostes” which is a 750 meter annual swimming race held, this year being held on the 30th August in San Antonio. The race starts from from Calo des Moro with several hundred swimmers racing to the Aquarium.

This is a great addition for San Antonio and as well as attracting athletes be they professional or amateur from across the island it will be a great place for those that like to swim to keep in shape.

No more having to weaving around those snorkelling at their leisure or those floating around on  lilos just relaxing.


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