No more cement in San Antonio Ibiza

Cala Gracio could be developed.

Cala Gracio could be developed.

A few weeks ago we read a report in The Ibizan about possible plans to build up to 268 dwellings on land to the north of San Antonio on an area running inland from Cala Gracio.

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Without doubt, these plans are controversial.

They require the council to use legislation to reclassify the land and also allow the use of septic tanks instead of the standard requirement to connect to mains sewerage.

Last weekend saw a demonstration against the development organised by The Restarting San Antonio Group. Visit their Facebook page here.

Over 200 local residents who are opposed to the plans under the slogan “No more cement in San Antonio” marched through the streets of San Antonio to the location of the proposed development.

No More Cement demonstration in San Antonio

No More Cement demonstration in San Antonio Photo courtesy of Reiniciando Sant Antoni

Their concerns are that once one piece of land is reclassified from “natural and wooded areas” to “settlement” and thus making the land suitable for development, it will be used to expand into other areas of the coastline such as Cala Salada and beyond.

Business owner Martin Makepeace a resident in Ibiza for over 20 years said “An ill conceived plan that is neither required or welcome”.

Does San Antonio need this development?

With an estimated 7 million tourists expected to visit Ibiza this year there is an argument that more accommodation is needed on the island, not only for the tourists but for workers and the local population.

But for those of us that regularly take boats / ferries from San Antonio and have noticed the endless unfinished and abandoned buildings which have lain dormant for years and in and around San Antonio itself – there are seems to be numerous empty or unfinished buildings already.

Surely redevelopment of these areas would be a better starting point than carving up the natural scrub and wooded areas of Ibiza and setting a precedent for the future that could ruin the natural beauty of the island.

What are your thoughts on this development and the wider problem of accommodation in Ibiza?

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