Ocean Mania updated for 2016

Ocean Mania Updated for 2016

Ocean Mania Updated for 2016

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond Ocean Mania’s control, they will no longer be open after the 16th June 2019

We love the water wipeout course in San Antonio bay. Ocean Mania is great fun for all the family and comes with lots of laughs and inevitably a few splashes or two.

Since its inception in 2014 they have been working hard each year to add and improve the course to make it more fun and a little more challenging.

This year is no exception and they have installed a brand new course, which includes many of the old favourite obstacles, the Iceberg of Doom, Last Push Hill and the Slide of Glory.

They have also designed, built and installed some new obstacles to keep it fresh and exciting for those who have been before.

Firstly, Sea Monkeys, which has 3 bars at the top with hand grips and stepping stones in the water, so the idea is to try and balance across the stones whilst holding on. It sounds so much easier than it is I can assure you.

The second new obstacle is The Atom, a rotating globe hanging above the water, the idea is to jump onto it carefully scramble through it and jump off without getting wet.

The Atom part of the new Ocean Mania course for 2016

The Atom part of the new Ocean Mania course for 2016

This had made the course more exciting and challenging for 2016 and there is much more hilarity involved watching mates and other wipeouters trying the new obstacles and failing with a scream followed by a splash and more laughter when they reappear from under the water.

The prices are as follows:

15 euros for 45 mins
20 euros for 45 mins and a slice of pizza and drink
30 euros for a day pass
35 euros for a day pass and a slice of pizza and a drink

Lockers, toilets and a changing area are available landside as well as a cafe with refreshments and seating area for those not brave enough to take the course on.

So whether you are a family, a group of mates or just like a challenge this is well worth checking out in 2016.

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Tickets can be purchased in advance here and you can follow them on Twitter here twitter.com/Ocean_Mania or facebook here facebook.com/oceanmaniaibiza

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