Our Favourite Restaurant Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

Located within walking distance of San Antonio’s main beach, Tapas Ibiza is set away from the promenade down a rather dark and slightly imposing road (behind Linekers Bar) which takes you to another world of San Antonio.

Firstly it’s extremely peaceful despite being just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of San Antonio.  Even on nights where they are full to bursting, everyone seems to talk inhushed tones enjoying the peace and serenity of the venue that helps makes the atmosphere simply perfect.

The owners (read their fantastic interview here) and staff are extremely welcoming and attentive  and even on evenings when we have forgotten to book a short wait in their garden with drinks is always a relaxing treat.  However, our advice is to book ahead especially during the peak summer months.

The food is a mix of traditional Spanish dishes with a modern twist and there is something for everyone on the menu. Tapas as the name suggests means that you each take your pick of 2 or 3 items from the menu and then share everything once served (this is true collective dining).

Tapas Ibiza specialising in really good food designed to share Photo courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

Tapas Ibiza specialising in really good food designed to share Photo courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

There is such a variety of dishes to choose from Bruschetta through to Whole baked Camembert and so many dishes in-between.  They also have a children’s menu for the younger members of your party,  although we found ours were more than happy with the main menu getting to try new dishes at their own pace. (you can find the full menu here)

Picking just a few of our favourite dishes is always hard but that’s the great thing  especially when you visit as a group, if everyone orders something different you get to share and try a little bit of everything and if like us you find a new firm favourite you can of course order another round just for yourself.

Tapas ibiza our favourite restaurant on the whole island. Picture courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

Tapas Ibiza menu is full and varied with something for everyone. Picture courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

I highly recommend what has become their famous house dish – Popeye (pan fried beef mince and spinach with parmesan, cream & black pepper).  It is an interesting sight when it arrives but the taste is simply out of this world.

Their freshly made cocktails are impeccable and we reckon they serve some of the best Mojitos in the whole of Ibiza (trust us we have tried lots in the interests of research).

Tapas Ibiza frshly made cocktails are true glasses of heaven.

Tapas Ibiza freshly made cocktails are true glasses of heaven. Picture courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

We have lost many hours at Tapas Ibiza enjoying great food and amazing drinks whether sat in the garden or on the terrace watching the sun go down, recharging our batteries ready for our next Ibiza adventure.

This is without doubt our favourite restaurant in Ibiza and we highly recommend to everyone who visits the island.

If you have food allergies contact them in advance as they will go above and beyond to cater for your specific requirements.

For their full menu and more information check out their website tapasrestaurantibiza.com or follow them on twitter here twitter.com/tapasibiza


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