Our upcoming trip to Ibiza

An exciting year ahead for San Antonio

We are on our way… Ibiza

At last we are only a few days away from our first trip of 2015 to the White Isle. Our excitement has been building over the last few weeks as we cannot wait to get back to where we feel so welcomed and at home.

As much as it is opening week whilst we are there, this will be a party free trip as we will have our 11 old daughter with us so it will be a family trip. 

She loves the island so much and it is without doubt even more excited than we are.

We are also trying a different way of getting to the island after leaving it very late to book flights (lesson 1:  always, always book air travel way in advance) so we shall be flying to Palma and then catching an onward flight to Ibiza.

Cost wise this saves us over £50 per person, and despite it taking 2.5 hrs longer we shall still arrive around lunchtime on our first day.  So for a £150 saving for only a little wasted time it is worth the effort. It also means that we get to see Palma airport which is the 3rd largest in Spain (random fact).

We shall be staying in an apartment supplied by Miki at the Marino Hostel.  As in our book why change it when it’s perfect, suits our budget and is located within San Antonio but away from the party areas.

So what do we have planned?  Well some old favourites of course, and we shall be taking several trips out with Chilli Pepper Charters with Vincente and Sofia whose boat has become our second home.

Chilli Pepper Charters, San Antonio Ibiza

Chilli Pepper Charters, San Antonio Ibiza

Another favourite place worth a definite return visit or two will be Tapas Ibiza whose food and ambience we love, especially as little one is desperate for some pan fried prawns it would be rude to disappoint her.

There will be, needless to say, lunch at Ibiza Rocks Bar for their famous chicken pitta (I could live off these) and of course to work off the excesses, a bounce or two on Ocean Mania.  Where not falling into the bay is harder than it looks.

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A few new things are planned including a meal out at Candy Apple Ibiza, Relish and also at the Fish Bar as they do a 1 euro breakfast which has to be seen to be believed.

We intend to rent a car for a day or two and go off exploring some of the beaches that we have yet to visit across the island.  As much as I believe Cala Saladeta and Cala Conta are the best beaches others have disagreed so it’s time to see for myself what other beaches have to offer.

There is also the possibility we shall be taking an organised walk with Toby from Walking Ibiza which is suitable for children.  I am really looking forward to this. I have heard great things about these walks and will be great to learn much more about the island and to step away from our normal haunts and activities.

Lastly but by no means least having immersed myself in the current election, especially in San Antonio, it will be great to meet up with so many wonderful people that are trying to improve San Antonio and the island as a whole for all.

On this note I shall be bugging people from next week for a quick drink and a chat to see how we can help as a blog get their message (and my belief) across that San Antonio is not a one trick pony and is on the up and up.

This me I don't bite, honestly.

This me I don’t bite, honestly.

If you do see us (middle aged couple with small one, me wearing daft festival hats) please come and introduce yourselves we don’t bite and it is always great to meet new people and true lovers of Ibiza.  Although please excuse my limited / non-existent Spanish / Catalan which is something I must work on.

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