Paddle Boarding with Sup Boat Ibiza

Sup Boat Ibiza

Sup Boat Ibiza San Antonio

We have seen many paddle boarders around the island on our previous visits and were intrigued.

So we booked an introduction to paddle boarding with Sup Boat Ibiza. We arrived at the due time and were led onto their beautiful wooden boat based in San Antonio Marina.

We sailed out towards Cala Bassa and on the trip out we were given simple and basic beginners instructions covering the board, the paddle and how, in theory, you stand up and you keep your balance.

The information was great just the basics to begin with nothing to complicated or brain frying. Once we arrived they lowered the boards into the water and held them steady while we got on kneeling down to begin with so we got used to the board and using the paddle to propel ourselves and to steer.

We all managed it on our knees and were soon comfortably paddling around with lots of encouragement from Ruben.

Then we were told to stand and we would have a caves tour along the coast from Cala Bassa back towards San Antonio.

Paddle Boarding Ibiza

Paddle Boarding in Ibiza with us all standing for the first time.

Our eldest stood (and not once did he fall off) with ease, our youngest grasped it with a few splashes, however, myself and Rosey took a little longer to get our balance, although to be fair with some extra advice specific to our own wrong doings we got it within 15 mins.

Both of us, however, fell off many times but it was all part of the fun and one of those things that you know the moment you are going into the water so it never came as a real shock. And the warm sea helped.

We paddled with protection from the boat through what looked like a tiny cave (back onto our knees) which then opened up into a small lagoon where we did our first tight turns in calm waters and then headed back out into the sea.

Exploring the caves by paddle board

Exploring the costal caves of Ibiza by paddle board

Travelling along the coast we paddled in and out of several caves being given perfect guidance and more instructions where needed.

Paddle boarding, we all found to our amazement was something we could all do and yes us oldies did fall in a lot but it was easy to get back on to the board, kneel up, compose ourselves and then stand again. Even with choppy waters from passing boats we learnt how to keep our balance and ride the waves with a fair amount of ease.

We actually managed to travel about 2 km on the boards finishing off in an incredible cave called the blue cave which was truly impressive. Sadly the picture does not do the vibrant blue of the water justice it has to be visited to see its true glory.

On our knees in the blue cave paddle boarding Ibiza

On our knees in the blue cave paddle boarding Ibiza with Ruden our instructor in the foreground

After about an hour an a half of paddle boarding we clambered back on board the boat for a well earned beer and a short break before we were then all off snorkeling with flippers (all equipment provided) exploring the coastline from a different viewpoint and seeing the amazing marine life under the waves.

On the return journey they provided refreshing fruit and more beers (drinks suitable for all are available) as we sailed back to San Antonio.

We had a great time and really enjoyed the experience of learning to paddle board and seeing Ibiza’s stunning coastline and watery caves from an exciting and different perspective.

Whilst we were on the trip they took photos (inc in the price) and uploaded them to facebook for us shortly after making a great memento of our time with Sup boat Ibiza.

The trip was perfect in every way and we would highly recommend it if you have ever wanted to try paddle boarding as the tuition is relaxed fun and there is a sense of achievement more than just paddling away from the beach and back.

You can contact them through their website or via facebook here



  • Please can you inform me where the best place to paddle board in Portanax I’m there on holiday soon ???

    • Hi Gary,

      We believe you can hire paddle boards for a few hours from the beach in portinatx however despite an extensive search and asking others I cannot find any details for them so its a case of turn up and see, sorry I couldn’t be more helpful


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