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Welcome to The White Isle Ibiza blog, news, views, reviews, events and Ibiza information.

This blog is for all those visiting Ibiza especially if you are a couple, family or of the slightly older persuasion who wish to enjoy the island and not necessarily the partying, although we do mention Ibiza’s wild side from time to time and we have a full clubbing calendar here and boat party calendar here.

Please use the menu above or to the right to navigate all our articles or use the search box to find what you are looking for. We add content weekly to the site about Ibiza, so please check back often to see more or follow us on twitter @whiteisleibiza or on Facebook for update notifications.

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Our Latest Posts

silence the Future of the West End Ibiza

Is silence the future of the West End Ibiza?

Today saw the announcement which could solve the noise issues once and for all and now everyone’s asking is silence the future of the West End Ibiza?

Over recent weeks many of you will have seen various articles that in the last year after the introduction of the zone for special acoustic protection (ZPAE) area covering the West End of Ibiza that a total of 1.7 million euros worth of fines have been issued.

The majority of these fines were for exceeding the noise levels as set down by the local council under the ZPAE area ahead of last summer. (read more…)

Ibiza March announcements 2019

Ibiza March Announcements 2019

Sitting in the office you know summer is on its way when daily your inbox is filled with emails and the Ibiza March announcements 2019 have been pinging to us thick and fast.

Every year it truly amazes us that such a tiny little island in the Mediterranean is host to some of the most incredible events you will ever experience, from superstar DJ’s to music specific club nights.

Then there is the sand, sea, fine dining and incredible countryside. To say Ibiza is magical for many reasons is an understatement but for the moment here are all of the Ibiza March announcements for 2019. (read more…)

Punta Grossa Lighthouse Ibiza

Punta Grossa Lighthouse Ibiza

The white isle is full of fascinating and interesting places and the abandoned Punta Grossa Lighthouse Ibiza is no exception.

Located in the northeast of the island near Cala de San Vicente is the now abandoned lighthouse and from the outset, we will say this is not one place that is easily reachable and we would advise getting a local guide to take you.

The paths to the lighthouse are steep, very narrow and are along the cliff edge so enjoy the story of this once safety beacon for ships, boats and its rather ill conceived location but please please only visit with a local guide. (read more…)

5 more top sunset spots in Ibiza

5 More top sunset spots in Ibiza

Last year we wrote one of our most popular articles our top 5 sunset spots in Ibiza.

Since then we have had the opportunity to visit even more spots on the island where the sunset is truly magical, with many of these coming from your suggestions.

So here are 5 more top sunset spots in Ibiza to consider, definitely  places that if you get the chance to visit you should.

The sunset in Ibiza is truly spectacular and one of the island’s finest assets. It is different every evening and even when it’s a little cloudy the colours are truly incredible. (read more…)

Pintxa food festival San Antonio Ibiza 2019

Pintxa San Antonio 2019

This week sees the return of the Pintxa Food Festival San Antonio Ibiza 2019 for its eleventh year of running a great gastronomic and social occasion in the town.

This fantastic food and social event will take place each Thursday evening from the 14th March until the 18th April and will see the bars and restaurants across the town open their doors to compete to be the Pintxa champion 2019. (read more…)

Odyssey Ibiza bringing back the 24hr party

24hr party in Ibiza

This summer will see a brand new party Odyssey Ibiza ringing back the 24hr Party to the white isle for the first time in many years.

On Saturday the 18th May 2019 for their opening parties Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza are joining forces to bring Odyssey to life running from Midday until Midnight at Ushuaïa and then from Midnight to Midday on the 19th May at Hï Ibiza. (read more…)

Ibiza February Announcements 2019

Ibiza February Announcements

Another month closer to the summer season and the Ibiza February announcements 2019 have been rolling in thick and fast.

It may well be the warmest February on record here in the UK but we all seem to be dreaming of those long summer days on the beach, a cocktail in hand and then partying until dawn.

A deeply sad start to this run down with the news that Tony Pike sadly passed away this week.  His life is a fascinating one and he was one of the most influential people when it comes to the party scene in Ibiza, he handcrafted Pikes Hotel which became the venue of choice for so many superstars across the years. (read more…)

The Magic of ibiza

The Magic of Ibiza

You read about it everywhere, you see people tweeting about it and commenting on Facebook.  Everyone that has ever been constantly goes on and on about it, but what exactly is it, What is the magic of Ibiza?

Is it simply those first few steps on the island, into the searing heat, feeling like you have reached your hearts true home?

(read more…)

Ibiza Opening Parties 2019

Ibiza Opening Parties 2019

The first major events on the island each summer are the Ibiza opening parties 2019 and February is the ideal time to start planning those early season trips to the White Isle.

Cheaper flights if you book soon, cheaper accommodation as its early in the season and also as much as the opening parties themselves are busy the island is still relatively quiet compared to the peak summer months so its a perfect time to visit.  (read more…)

Ibiza January Announcements 2019

Ibiza January Announcements

The year has hardly begun and the Ibiza January announcements 2019 have been flowing into the White Isle HQ thick and fast.

So while we all sit huddled round the fire waiting for the grey damp skies to clear it is time to get a little excited for the summer ahead and already what a summer Ibiza 2019 is shaping up to be.

Already a few changes have been announced and the rumour mill is filled with so many more but we shall wait until they are confirmed so here we go this is the officially confirmed for Ibiza 2019 so far. (read more…)

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