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Welcome to The White Isle Ibiza blog, news, views, reviews, events and Ibiza information.

This blog is for all those visiting Ibiza especially if you are a couple, family or of the slightly older persuasion who wish to enjoy the island and not necessarily the partying, although we do mention Ibiza’s wild side from time to time and we have a full clubbing calendar here and boat party calendar here.

Please use the menu above or to the right to navigate all our articles or use the search box to find what you are looking for. We add content weekly to the site about Ibiza, so please check back often to see more or follow us on twitter @whiteisleibiza or on Facebook for update notifications.

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Our Latest Posts

Avoid the Jellyfish with the Medusas Ibiza App

Jellyfish Ibiza

For anyone who has been stung by a Jellyfish knows it can be a painful experience but now you can now avoid the Jellyfish with the Medusas Ibiza App before you even leave for a day out at the beach.

Several species of jellyfish are found in the waters around Ibiza and due to their translucent nature, they are sometimes hard to spot especially when you are already in the water. (read more…)

Relish Ibiza has thrown open its doors for 2019

Relish Ibiza has thrown open its doors for 2019

One of our best loved restaurants on the island Relish Ibiza has thrown open its doors for 2019 welcoming in the summer season.

Situated in Cala De Bou in San Antonio Bay Relish Restaurant and Lounge Bar is the perfect venue complemented by a large outdoor terrace and private pool for those hours of sunbathing and sipping cocktails under the Ibizan sun.

Inside they have a cooler large lounge area for you to enjoy more delicious cocktails and snacks away from that scorching sun as well as a covered terrace for more formal dining with views out over the beach and across the bay towards San Antonio Town.

(read more…)

Enjoy the Ibiza Sunset Daily Live with Cafe Del Mar

The sunset from Cafe Del Mar Ibiza

The Sunset Strip in Ibiza is as famous as the island itself and is where many of us first head to as soon as we arrive on the island.

But for those times when you can’t be there, you can now enjoy the Ibiza sunset daily live with Cafe del Mar.

Perched above Cafe del Mar they have installed a very high quality webcam of sorts which is now streaming throughout the day and into the evening. (read more…)

Tall Ship Nao Victoria is to moor in Ibiza for 5 days

Nao Victoria to visit Ibiza

An exact replica of the first ship to ever sail around the world the Tall Ship Nao Victoria is to moor in Ibiza for 5 days in early May.

The Nao Victoria arrives on 7th May, and will be berthed beside the Port Authority until the 12th May as part of its 500 year commemoration of the first circumnavigation of the world.

The ship was built in 1992 and is the only replica of the original, which became the first vessel to successfully circumnavigate the globe in 1522 as part of Magellan’s Expedition. (read more…)

A visit to Tanit’s Cave

A visit to Tanit’s Cave

Even if you haven’t a clue who Tanit is, I’m sure if you’re a regular visitor to the island then you would’ve caught her name in passing at some point.

Her legacy can be found all over the island in the names of Bars, Hotels, Restaurants, there’s even a driving school named in her honour.

Tanit is a Goddess, more specifically, she is the Goddess of Ibiza. It was the Phonecians, some of the first settlers on the island who brought her here way back in the fifth century BC. (read more…)

Cafe Mambo celebrates 25 years of sunsets

Cafe Mambo celebrates 25 years

It is a huge milestone in Ibiza this summer as Cafe Mambo celebrates 25 years of sunsets and parties in 2019.

Opened in 1994 by Javier Anadon, Cafe Mambo has truly become one of the iconic bars in Ibiza.

Even from its early days the vision Javier had for what was 4 small derelict houses was forward thinking to say the least.

Javier had come to the island in 1976 along with his girlfriend, now wife, and worked in several establishments in San Antonio enjoying the vibrant bars the music and the multicultural mix of Spanish, British, Dutch and Swedish people. (read more…)

The Old Smugglers Inn San Antonio Bay Ibiza

The Old Smugglers Inn San Antonio Bay Ibiza

If you’ve visited San Antonio or San An Bay before then you’ve probably heard of a bar called The Old Smugglers Inn.

Located in Cala de Bou, The Old Smugglers Inn has recently been rented to Christin and German by the legendary owner Paul Munroe and we’re expecting great things from them.

Christin Kriwet is from Hamburg, Germany and had run her own sports company for children and German (pronounced ‘Herman’) Goncalvez is from Fray Bentos, Uruguay and has a background in Hotels. (read more…)

Atlantis a secret cove in Ibiza

Atlantis a secret cove in Ibiza

The White Isle is full of magical places, myths & legends and Atlantis a secret cove in Ibiza is no exception.

Situated at the foot of the cliffs opposite the magical and mythical Es Vedra close to Cala d’Hort the rock formations here are truly unique and exceptional.

Another one of those places to visit in Ibiza that is not for the faint hearted especially if approaching from the land, however, by sea it is a little easier. (read more…)

Ibiza Opening Parties 2019

Ibiza Opening Parties 2019

The first major events on the island each summer are the Ibiza opening parties 2019.

This heralds the start of the summer party season on the island and gives the venues the chance to show off their upcoming weekly parties.

So here you go here is the list of the Ibiza Opening Parties 2019 dates and we shall be updating this page as more dates and details are announced.

(read more…)

Our favourite Bars of San Antonio Bay Ibiza

Favourite Bars of San An Bay

Across the Bay from San Antonio town is home to a wide variety of hotels and apartments yet it is somewhere that isn’t spoken about enough in terms of nightlife.

San Antonio Bay is a long strip which runs from the edge of San Antonio all the way to Port des Torrent and has 5 great beaches, so you’re never too far away from the sand and sea.

You can check out a map of all the venue locations at the foot of this blog. (read more…)

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