Parasailing in San Antonio Ibiza

Parasailing in San Antonio Ibiza

Parasailing in San Antonio Ibiza

If you ever look out over San Antonio Bay you cannot help but notice the continual parasailing.  Their large parachutes little dots along the skyline.  At sunset they help add to the ambiance of the view.

So what’s it like?

It’s like floating on air. We have been several times, as a family and love it.  You quite literally sit at 400ft whilst getting a bird’s eye view of the bay, surrounding islands and beaches.

The world below all looks miniature and toy-like and it’s so peaceful high up and away from the madness of everyday Ibiza.

We have always been out with Jimmy’s Mambo Parasailing based in San Antonio (you can find their hut on the waterfront in San Antonio or find them on Facebook here) and have always found it to be safe, fun and above all a great laugh.

With everyone life jacketed up, you board the boat and are given simple instructions as the boat makes its way out from the harbour and the first group (can be singles, pairs or families) are harnessed up ready to fly.

The captain and crew unfurl the chute which will lift you up into the air letting it billow out behind the boat.

The first group moves forward, and in a slightly undignified manner slide themselves on their bums into position at the rear of the boat ready to go.

The clips are connected and tightened, everything is checked, and then you’re lifting off, floating gently and gaining height all the time.

Even after a few seconds you feel like you’re hundreds of feet up as the boat gets smaller and small and you can see more and more of Ibiza.

Parasailing in Ibiza

At height and the views are spectacular


It takes a few minutes to get to the maximum height of around 400 ft where you can admire the view or for the more adventurous among you, go upside down on the harness giving you a truly different view of the world below.

You occasionally feel a slight tug as the wind moves you around in the sky and the boat compensates accordingly below as you sit there floating happily.

All too soon, it is time to descend.  As you descend (being winched in by the boat) everything becomes that little bigger and your sense of the approaching sea becomes ever so real as you are dunked gently into the cooling waters,  which is always a good chuckle for those still on board.

The shout of “legs up” goes out and you land with a gentle bump back where you started.

Released from the harnesses, you can now take your seats at the front of the boat as the next group slides their way into position and you get to see their fear evaporate as they lift off and laugh at their dunking on the way down too.

Find out more about Jimmy’s Mambo Parasailing here or visit them on the waterfront in San Antonio.

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