Plans to connect Cala Gracio to Port des Torrent

Plans to connect Cala Gracio to Port des Torrent

The promenade San Antonio Ibiza

Plans have been announced to connect Cala Gracio to Port des Torrent along the coast with a walkway and cyclepath.

The councils of San Antonio and Sant Josep have put forward the proposal to reinvigorate the coast along an 8km stretch to provide continuity and ease of access with the creation of a promenade and bike lane.

The project also includes extensions and improvements to the existing piers to improve maritime traffic as well as other visual improvements.

At a width of up to 5 meters in places, the space would allow a pedestrian footpath, a cycleway and planters to enhance its look. In those areas across the beaches or rocks, it will be transformed into a wooden structure to keep it as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

The plan projects a 5-year time frame for the work to be completed at a cost of 20 million euros and the council have put forward that 50% should come from the EcoTax revenue, 25% from the Consell de Ibiza with the remaining 25% being split between the two councils.

Many of us already use the section from Calo des Moro to the Hotel Hawaii through San Antonio town and we love this plan to extend it in both directions especially through San Antonio Bay.

We cannot wait to see if it can be accomplished, not only for the tourists who will no doubt walk a little further and explore that little bit more having an inviting promenade to stroll along.  This could in turn bring much needed footfall around San Antonio Bay.

Ad it’s not just the tourists who will benefit.  For the many islanders who live in the bay and use cars and mopeds to get to work in San Antonio, it will give them another means of travel which may help to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and let’s face it, in Ibiza that is never a bad thing.

Plans to connect Cala Gracio to Port des Torrent

The proposed promenade would extend from Cala Gracio to Port des Torrent

Having previously walked most of the length of the coast between Cala Gracio and Port des Torrent  there are several points where it does literally become a clamber over the rocks so this walkway/cycleway would be ideal in our eyes and open up more of the area to more people.

It will no doubt be several years before any building work takes place but as a long term vision from Ibiza this is one we wholeheartedly support.


  • Bit of a worry environmentally

    • Hi Cabby,

      They do seem to be trying to address these concerns by using a wooden based structure across the rock and sand areas, with the improvements to the piers / jetties I guess this is a better solution than them falling into the sea as some are in quite bad disrepair.
      Time will tell if it is a considered project regarding the environment but we hope it is done with sensitivity, no doubt more details will be released as the finer details are confirmed.

      Best wishes


  • So they put an ECO tax to have more monetarial sources to prevent the tourist impact in the envairomental status of the island and they decided to take the natural rocks plus bringing more and more turisnt into little calas with the money they get to fight against it….very clever really thought podemos or any new party on power of the mayor in san an would have more perspective and spend better the tax payers money to mantein the nature of the area not to build up more stuff. Better be called new structure tax. Increible!!

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