Plans to pedestrianise the Old Town of San Antonio Ibiza

Plans to pedestrianise the Old Town of San Antonio Ibiza

Plans to pedestrianise San Antonio

The council yesterday met with traders and residents to put forward plans to pedestrianise the Old Town of San Antonio, Ibiza.

The plan is to pedestrianise the streets adjacent to the Plaza de la Iglesia and the West End, as well as to restrict traffic in other arteries of the centre during the summer months.

The closure will also include the Old Town, between Ramón and Cajal streets and Calle del Mar. The idea was trialled last year by the council, when between June and October, the streets of the Old Town surrounding the church, as well as others in the West End, were closed to traffic from 12 noon.

However, they wish to expand on this and make it a permanent all year round closure and as the Councilor for Culture and Heritage explained, the idea is intended to “boost the commerce of the area, facilitate the mobility of pedestrians, improve accessibility and road safety and at the same time give relevance to spaces that have more value in the locality”.

The purpose of yesterday’s meeting was to gauge traders and residents thoughts on the idea and to collect their ideas and suggestions on the plan.

Source Peridico de Ibiza

We are 100% in favour of this idea, the streets of the Old Town are very narrow, not only for vehicles but also for pedestrians, and many a time you find yourself walking in the road as you navigate past people, which has its obvious dangers.

It would also allow shops to expand outwards onto the streets, cafes to add more table and chairs and could bring more shopping opportunities back to San Antonio which can only be a good move and something if we are honest it does lack.

Pedestrianised areas are common place across the world and most people agree they work with the easy movement of people not to mention the fact that it also allows more scope to beautify the streets with planters, artworks and sculptures etc, making for a more charming look and feel.

So we wholeheartedly agree with this idea and look forward to seeing the plans unfold over the coming months.

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