The Problem With August in Ibiza

The problem with August in Ibiza

The problem with August in Ibiza

You may have seen many comments on social media or heard people in bars complaining or moaning about the problem with August in Ibiza.

It has to be said for anyone who doesn’t live on the Island that moaning about Ibiza in August feels well just rude.  To us non islanders Ibiza is paradise, endless sandy beaches, very few days of rain, incredible sunsets, the best clubs in the world, great food, great drinks and the list goes on.

For us outsiders it is unfathomable that anyone should ever complain  about living in Ibiza, but let me let you into a little secret – August is truly hell on earth for the residents of Ibiza and here is why.


August for various reasons is the busiest month of the year, the island is simply full to capacity. The roads are chock-a-block.  Add into that the fact that many of the drivers are tourists who are not used to the road layouts, driving on the other side of the road, unsure of where they are going and the parking  – well the parking is nigh on impossible and endless time is wasted driving through the one way systems trying to find that elusive space.

The local bar you normally sit in for a quiet early evening drink is now full, not even standing room only and reservations at your favourite restaurant are almost impossible even though you have known the owner for 20 years.

A pleasant stroll to watch the sunset becomes a jostling match of huge proportions and due to the crowds there’s a good chance you are likely to miss the magical moment when the sun sets beneath the waves something you crave for after a hard days work.

Your favourite beach close to the office is now a heaving sea of bodies with no space to lay down a towel and take a quiet refreshing afternoon swim.

Even getting your boat out from its berth is like trying to navigate the M25 on a Friday evening rush hour let alone trying to find an idyllic spot just off Cala Bassa to moor up for an hour or two.

Not a spot to lay out a towel people people everywhere, Ibiza in August

Not a spot to lay out a towel people people everywhere, Ibiza in August

It’s too hot

Ok, it may be obvious but Ibiza is hot in August.  However, it can even get too hot for the locals who although are accustomed to the higher temperatures than elsewhere still struggle when the mercury rises above 35 and the humidity is hitting 90%.

Add into the mix all those extra people everyone and patience is at an all time low. Tempers flare very easily and you can’t just take 5 to go grab a drink or a quick swim to de-stress as the bars and beaches are full to capacity.

Mid season tiredness

Since early May very few of the locals have had a day off.  They are focussed on having to earn all of their yearly income over a very short space of time 6 months at best but for some only 4 or 5 months.

By mid August people are tired.  The heat is getting to them, the hoards of people are wanting their attention constantly, sleep and rest is at a premium that few can afford and a few hours away from work feels like it will never happen again.

August in Ibiza people everywhere you turn

August in Ibiza people are everywhere you turn, Picture courtesy of Cafe Mambo

The favour train

This is something many people misunderstand.  You live in Ibiza, so naturally in August your home becomes a holiday villa for friends and family, a cheap holiday for them can be a huge inconvenience for you.

You still have to work as much as possible but also squeeze in being a tour guide to those staying.  You still have to sleep and can’t party all night long as though you are on holiday. The washing machine never seems to stop, the air con is working overtime on full blast constantly and trying to use the bathroom is like queuing at the bank those in front take an age those behind getting impatient huffing and puffing as they want to get to the beach before its full.

All you want is do to enjoy the rare few hours off you have  in your castle, but your castle has become an open house to all those from around the world who think that your life is just one long holiday.  You have extra beds made up in your open lounge, can never find a clean cup for a tea or coffee, have to creep around in the mornings so you don’t wake anyone because they only rolled in a few hours beforehand.  You really cherish these few weeks.

You also spend hours booking this and booking that for them to enjoy when you yourself can’t get a table at the best restaurants,  but of course you are expected to be able to get a nice table by the water’s edge for those staying with you, you are there to make their holiday happen.

And so as the list of announcements and moans go on you dream of September when its all a little less hectic, a little less busy and life can start to return to its normal Ibiza pace and you can enjoy the paradise you moved to Ibiza for.

In August you yearn for those idyllic beach days in Ibiza

In August you yearn for those idyllic beach days in Ibiza

So the next time you hear someone who lives and works in Ibiza complaining or moaning about August please have a little sympathy for them, its not as idyllic as you would think.

Yes they get 11 months of paradise and perfect living but for those 5 weeks it is the ultimate hell for them too and maybe next year book to come in June, July September or October and ease their August pain.

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