Promoting Ibiza on a Budget

Save Cash when coming to Ibiza

Ibiza on a budget

I recently wrote an article about how to save money whilst on holiday in Ibiza which I hope everyone found helpful.

It was commented on through Facebook, however, that we should be promoting smaller bars for late afternoon and early evening drinking, whereas in the article we recommend that people should grab a few beers from the local supermarket and head down to the rocks to enjoy the sunset.

This is a valid point and we completely agree with the sentiment and we do try to promote a wide range of local businesses through the blog as we experience them.

However, not everyone coming to Ibiza has the budget to eat and drink out every night, even if they are on holiday.  Ibiza, especially at the moment, is being portrayed and promoted as the VIP, luxury, style holiday destination which by the terms VIP or Luxury implies expensive.

The island needs to attract new visitors and making sure that people know a visit to the beautiful island can be done relatively inexpensively is as important as promoting the other sectors.  The likelihood is that those people enjoying the All Inclusive/VIP Luxury and Style, won’t visit the smaller bars and smaller restaurants.

I completely agree with Christian of Mambo Group who at this year’s IMS Ibiza said that they need to look after those that sit on the rocks at San Antonio, because they will be the future tourists sitting drinking Strawberry Daiquiris at Cafe Mambo.

Christians comments can be found at 7 min 18 seconds into the video.

We have personal experience of this, as we did our first ever 4 day trip on a budget.  We didn’t know what to expect and we didn’t have a lot of cash to spend on holiday.

However, we fell in love with Ibiza and now many years later we do save hard each year, work harder and spend less at home so we can spend more whilst in Ibiza.  And yes, we have gone from sitting on the rocks most nights to sitting in local bars and cafes in the evenings.  Although of course we do still go and sit on the rocks every now and then just for the atmosphere and experience.

I can sit here all day writing about Ibiza and how magical it is, how beautiful it is, how relaxed and how it makes me feel wanted and gives me a sense of belonging, but I will never be able to really show people or make them feel it by words alone.

Sunset at Es Vedra ibiza

Sunset at Es Vedra Ibiza is stunning and has to be seen to be believed

Only by coming to Ibiza will people fall in love with the island, see her for what she truly is and maybe visit a club or two.  These are the tourists Ibiza needs.  Ones that care deeply, love her and respect her as much as the locals.

So my advice on saving money when coming to Ibiza is to let people see that for only a few hundred pounds they can have a great holiday and hopefully experience what I felt when first visiting the island.

And if they do experience that magic, they will return year after year, exploring more and more each and every time which ultimately can only be a good thing for local businesses throughout the island.

As always we would love your thoughts on this and please feel free to post your comments below or on our our Twitter or Facebook.


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