Radio 1 on the Sunset Strip San Antonio A missed Opportunity

BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza

BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza

After my controversial post about Radio 1 on the sunset strip a few days ago which sparked many comments on the blog and Facebook (good, bad and offensive) I thought I would follow it up with this blog on how this event could have been an even greater success than it was.

The rise of EDM over recent years has opened up the market and music of Ibiza to a much wider audience, part of this market are the children, teenagers and us slightly older folk.

There was a fantastic opportunity to have a great open to all and dare I say it a family music event based along the sunset strip.

The infrastructure did not need to be on the coast and the promenade did not need to be closed there is a huge area of unused ground next door to mint lounge which would of provided the perfect setting still in an iconic location with the sun setting behind the stage.

This could of provided all a chance to see top name dj’s in a beautiful setting without the disruption and concern it caused.

Radio 1 would of had the great event they had, the town would of had an even wider audience appeal with families visiting from across the island be they on holiday or residents and the chance to showcase itself to the world.

Imagine the worth of some great sweeping shots of the sunset strip in all its glory families, youngsters, teenagers, 20, 30, 40 and 50 somethings all enjoying some of the best DJ talent the world has to offer, what better advert for San Antonio could you have?

Big screens showing it to those seated and a stage for those who wished to dance along and be part of the crowd watching live, especially for those under 18 its a rare opportunity and one that on normal nights the sunset strip is so good at providing.

I still stand by my original comments and do hope that lessons can be learnt from this year to make future similar events which are much more sympathetic to Ibiza but yet have an even wider appeal which can only be good for everyone in the town.


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