Retro Fashion Perfect For Ibiza 2017

Retro fashion perfect for Ibiza 2017

Ibiza Fashion Acid 87

It’s been 30 years since the Acid revolution and a relaunched fashion house has brought back some retro fashion perfect for Ibiza 2017.

Independent and Ibiza based clothing brand Acid 87 is celebrating this milestone with a range of specialist t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for both men and women recapturing the golden era of clubbing, which was about togetherness, escapism and freedom.

So if you were there and cannot remember it all this is for you, a fond memory of days gone by.  And for the modern day clubber it’s a nod to where it began all those years ago.

Acid 87 gives you a way to express yourself and bring back the vibes of the 80s and 90s in exciting new ways.  Their newest t-shirt comes under the Music Unites title, and is all about bringing some positivity to the world in times of unease and unrest.

Acid 87 Hate Divides Music Unites design so true in the modern world we all live

Acid 87 Hate Divides Music Unites. Photo by Hattie Photo Ibiza

Something which is much needed in the present day and reminds us that music is truly a uniting force no matter what goes on around the world.

Acid 87 unique designs with a retro feel for the modern clubber

Acid 87 designs with a retro feel for the modern clubber. Photos by Hattie Photo Ibiza

Inspired by DIY culture as well as the sounds of the Roland 303 and whilst the brand is only in its infancy it already has fans in high places. The likes of Heidi, Maya Jane Coles, Solardo, Richy Ahmed, Cassy, Altern8’s Mark Archer and more are all wearing Acid 87 gear, and it has also made a number of appearances on the Boiler Room.

Retro Fashion Ideal For Ibiza 2017

The Acid 87 collection gives homage to the 80s and 90s. Photos by Hattie Photo Ibiza

So this summer when you climb out of the taxi at DC-10 or Amnesia these are the must have T-shirts to wear.  Not only are they hip and trendy but those a little older in the crowd will give you a knowing nod as if you were there all those years ago.

To see more the Acid 87 collection visit them online here or follow them on Twitter @Acid87Clothing or Facebook or Instagram @Acid87Clothing.

Photos courtesy of Hattie Photo Ibiza

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