San Antonio is a disappointment and an embarrassment?

San Antonio is a disappointment and an embarrassment

San Antonio the jewel of Ibiza

A very well known DJ and radio presenter uttered these very words “San Antonio is a disappointment and an embarrassment” only last year and, whether you agree or not, it has been the view of many people over recent years.

However, San Antonio doesn’t take kindly to being dissed in this way, and as the 2017 summer season approaches a different message resonates from it’s narrow streets.

San Antonio is becoming the jewel of Ibiza and Europe and here are just 10 reasons why San Antonio is the place to be in 2017.

1. Day is the new night at Ibiza Rocks

The most outlandish and fun party the world has ever seen, Elrow, is escaping from its natural club environment and is set to host two exclusive pool parties at Ibiza Rocks.

This will be the most fun you will ever have on a Tuesday afternoon in the world and we cannot wait to be a part of this one come August.

Sundays sees another new pool party Cuckoo Land by Do Not Sleep, the fantastical state of dreamers in addition to which Craig David returns for his second year for 10 weeks of pool parties  on Thursdays.

Craig David TS5 Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks Hotel for 2017

Craig David TS5 Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks Hotel for 2017

2. Gastronomic Delights

From unique restaurants such as Tapas Ibiza, the more modern Ibiza Rocks Bar or the more traditional Es Rebost de Can Prats for example, the eating out choices in San Antonio are limitless with restaurants and cafes on every corner suitable for every budget.

Added to this the delights of the Pintxa Festival where bar hopping for small culinary delights is encouraged or the Spring and Autumn restaurant festivals where you pay a set price for a set menu which highlights the seasonal local produce means that you will never go hungry in San Antonio.

Tapas ibiza our favourite restaurant on the whole island. Picture courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

Tapas ibiza our favourite restaurant on the whole island. Picture courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

3. Refurbished Hotels

The number of hotels who are investing and improving is staggering, all with their own unique quirks and appeal. Here are just a couple of our favourites to give you a tiny idea.

Sol House with it’s amazing sunset roof terrace, elegant rooms all mixed by Ibiza Rocks and gives you free entry to their events too.

Beach Star Ibiza a family run and a truly boutique hotel with amazing views and luxury without the hefty price tag other areas of Ibiza demand.

THB Naeco Ibiza with its funky room designs and architectural wonders around its pool, plus top tip if you book through Ocean Beach you get free entry to their events this summer – what is there not to love?

You can find a full list of San Antonio Hotels and apartments here.

THB Naeco Ibiza with its funky room designs

THB Naeco Ibiza with its funky room designs

4. Defected in the House at Eden

Defected returns to Ibiza after a year off to continue their long association with the island and have chosen the Super Club Eden for their weekly nights.

Eden is a club which is pushing itself back into the spotlight this year with an incredible lineup of weekly events with Mansion on Mondays, AudioRehab on Wednesday, Magna Carta teaming up with Faction on Thursdays, Trance Family on Fridays and Pukka Up who are famous for their boat parties venture onto dry land with Tropical Wonderland on Saturdays.  There has never been a better year for parties in San Antonio.

Defected in the House Eden

Defected in the House take over Sundays at Eden Ibiza

5. Health and Well-being

We all know that getting a beach body and then keeping that beach body trim when on holiday is a tough job but it has now been made a little easier with the likes of Skinny Kitchen and Cafe Bondi opening.  However, 2017 will see those behind Cotton Beach Club open their first fitness club by Calo des Moro beach, so no more excuses not to hit the gym when in Ibiza with the added bonus you can then laze in one of their two pools before grabbing a sunbed to enjoy the incredible sunset.

The new Skinny Kitchen beside the marina San Antonio Ibiza

The Skinny Kitchen beside the marina San Antonio Ibiza

6. Ocean Beach reaches 5 years old

The day time club they all said would never work is back bigger, better and stronger than ever and turns 5 this year. Loved by so many, this year they introduce Hotbed by Abode to Wednesdays which has everyone buzzing.

Added to this the  Ocean Beach usual weekly parties and Sunday special events are back it’s no better time to party round the pool under the San Antonio sun.

Kinky Malinki Ocean Beach Ibiza 2017

Ocean Beach taking San Antonio by storm year after year.

7. The West End Reinventing Itself

An area of San An, that you either love or hate, is undergoing a transformation from within with new bars and clubs bringing it to the fore.

From the warm and welcoming bars of Shenanigans & Highlander to the club LYT or workers’ favourite VIVA, the West End is as popular as ever with a more diverse crowd than it has seen in years.

The West End San Antonio Ibiza

The West End San Antonio reinventing itself from the inside.

8. The Natural Beauty

San Antonio’s natural harbour offers some of the finest views, inland of the pine covered hills and out to sea the unique coastline and little islands off Ibiza.

And of course the sunsets are truly awe inspiring which is why San Antonio is where thousands gather each evening to see and share this spectacle.

Sunset Strip San Antonio (Pic courtesy of Ibiza Spotlight)

Sunset Strip San Antonio where thousands gather to watch the sunset.

9. Activities and Water Sports

Wake surfing comes to Ibiza for the first time in 2017 and adds to the long list of water sports and activities on offer in and around the town, parasailing, quad bike tours, relaxing boat trips, diving, Jet Skis, cycling, 4by4 tours you get the idea there is nothing you cannot do when in San An.

The perfect way to see the sunset from Chilli Pepper Charters, San Antonio, Ibiza

From relaxed boat trips to the more extreme activities San An has it all.

10. Beach Life

Whether you want to soak up a few rays, recover from the night before or explore underwater San Antonio has some of the most amazing beaches on its doorstep. Cala Bassa, Cala Salada and Cala Conta are just a few of our recommendations or for the ultimate beach day take a trip to Formentera and be blown away by its natural beauty and turquoise waters.

Cala Bassa Beach Ibiza

Cala Bassa a perfect beach to spend the day.

So the next time someone looks down their nose at you when you mention Ibiza and they say San Antonio is a disappointment and an embarrassment its up to you to put them right.

Whether you are looking for a clubbers paradise or something more relaxed San Antonio is well and truly back on the map and in a big way for 2017.


  • Muy buen articulo! Estoy de acuerdo de que haya mucha inversion privada pero no es suficiente. Las calles son viejas y sucias, llenas de personajes dudosos. Los edicifios antiguos que se caen abajo por falta de mantenimiento. Vamos, que el Ayuntamiento de San Antonio es de lo peor que hay en España, menudos ladrones. Si no robaran tanto y invirtieran un poco en renovar y limpiar las calles, San Antonio seria un municipio mas decente.

    • Gracias.
      Sí, estamos de acuerdo San Antonio podría ser incluso mejor, pero esperamos con más que hacer, ver, comer que esto ayudará a construir San Antonio en la gran ciudad que realmente es.

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