San Antonio Ibiza as a global brand

An exciting year ahead for San Antonio

San Antonio Ibiza

We all know that Ibiza is renowned the world over as the party island. But is it time for San Antonio to now step up and become a global brand all of its own offering a great all year round holiday destination?

We believe so; San Antonio is shaping up to be a world leader when it comes to fulfilling your holiday needs.  Whether you want a holiday full of partying and clubbing, a relaxed peaceful holiday, a place with lots of sightseeing attractions or somewhere with more activities on offer than would fill a lifetime of holidays  – San Antonio has it all.

Let’s look at what San Antonio has to offer.

The town itself has always been a great base for holidays with fantastic  transport links across the island, a huge natural harbour and the infrastructure to deal with all types of tourists.

Renowned at the moment for the clubbers, it has two huge Super Clubs.  Es Paradis which has its own unique parties such as the Water Party and Neon Glow and Eden (which returned to Dutch ownership earlier this  year) who are  bringing back great quality nights of music throughout the summer including Judgement Fridays and Faux Basement.

Es Verro The Brave One

Es Verro The Brave One sculpture in San Antonio

However, if you want a much more relaxed venue then Ocean Beach is an absolute must. It has outshone all expectations and provides a relaxed, yet fun, stylish and affordable venue, to enjoy a lazy day under the sun.

But it’s not all about the music in San Antonio.  The choice of restaurants and bars is second to none and covers all tastes from quick grab-and-go eateries to those long evenings of alfresco dining.

Beaches are a plenty with some of the Mediterraneans finest within walking distance or via the many ferry services operating from the waterfront. They provide everything you need be it a few hours to escape and truly relax and unwind to more lively affairs with beats playing and service to your sunbed all day long while you soak up the sun.

Activities wise it’s hard to find a start or end point, there are so many to choose from.  Guided tours by bicycle, foot or by jeep around the island or boat tours along the coast. Water sports a-plenty from paddle boarding to parasailing in the bay.

If you are an adrenaline junkie San Antonio has that covered as well.  Choose from the Sling Shot, TwisterJet or Flyboarding to name a few, all of which will get the heart racing.

Nature is found in and out of the water in abundance in San Antonio.  From diving in the Posidonia fields or exploring the nature of the unique habitat just a stones throw from the town you will always discover something new and wonderful to look at.

Of course, you cannot mention nature in Ibiza without mentioning one of its finest assets – the sunset.  Whether you choose to view it from the hustle and bustle of the Sunset Strip accompanied by top Dj’s or on a little quiet outcrop of rock the sunset in Ibiza is a truly magical moment and a sight to behold.

Sunset from the rocks San Antonio

Sunset from the rocks San Antonio

Accommodation ranges from 1 star hostels through the ranks to huge private villas with chefs, chauffeurs and maids on call 24 hrs a day.  With over 14,000 bed spaces available per night in San Antonio there is somewhere to stay for anyone whatever your budget.

In San Antonio children are welll catered for too. From simple play parks to the Water Wipeout course of Ocean Mania or the waterpark in San Antonio Bay your little munchkins will be well entertained.  Why not enjoy one of the guided walks for children, take the tourist train tour, or enjoy some family friendly kayaking? Again the list is endless.

Childcare is available on Ibiza

Children are well catered for in San Antonio

I have yet to even touch on the architecture, culture, art, shopping or history and could go on and on for hours but

Simply San Antonio has it all and more than enough to become a global brand of its own and an all year round holiday destination.

Can this dream ever be a reality?

Probably the toughest question to answer for the town itself and it will be a collective not an individual that makes this happen and it will take a little time.

Its current problems are well documented and sadly blown out of all proportion but with time and effort they can be addressed and its one trick pony image can be changed forever.

All the pieces to the puzzle are there it just needs some forward thinking by everyone who lives, works and who run businesses within  the town to put it all together as Brand San Antonio or maybe that should be Brand Sant Antoni as its locally known.


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