Satori presents Maktub at Heart Ibiza

Satori presents Maktub at Heart IbizaDutch renowned artist Satori presents Maktub at Heart Ibiza this summer on Thursday evenings from the 6th of June until the 28th of September.

Satori will bring an eclectic, unique take on electronic music under the banner Maktub which roughly translated means “it was written” in Arabic used to denote something that was destined to be.

Maktub will focus on live artists and captivating performers, fusing electronic music with live performance and with a big focus on cinematic, engrossing, thematic visuals.

“The idea is to create a further cinematographic experience, where the visual art will perfectly mix with the sound,” says Satori, “producing this way will provide an extraordinary atmosphere”.

“The principal objective is to move a live act into a real art piece and give it the same value as a band performance” he continues.

“This way we are making the electronic music boundaries bigger. Ibiza is known for being the center of electronic music, but currently, everything is based on DJ culture.”

“With this concept, we want to break away from this DJ culture and, in return, expand the artistic/musical concept of the island, strengthening  the live acts.”

Satori presents Maktub on Thursday evenings at Heart Ibiza this summer

Satori presents Maktub on Thursday evenings at Heart Ibiza this summer

Heart Ibiza is an intimate, high-ceiling venue located on Ibiza Town Harbour which is steeped in decades of clubbing history.

It makes the perfect canvas for Satori’s widescreen vision of what an event could and should be, and it’s going to be the host for many incredible nights this summer.

Tickets are now available for Satori presents Maktub and all Heart Ibiza events this summer here.

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Heart Ibiza was created by Cirque du Soleil and the Adrià brothers and it seeks to explore what happens when food, music and art collide.

You can find out more about Satori via his website here or Facebook @satoriofficialpage

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