Stay Safe In Ibiza

Sunset from Chilli Pepper Charters

Stay safe in Ibiza

We all know that Ibiza is famed for its clubbing, partying and simply as an amazing holiday destination,  but with several tragic but avoidable deaths each year across the island here are a few tips to help make your trip to Ibiza that little safer.

First and foremost look after your mates and those who are travelling with you, make memories that last a lifetime not nightmares.

At the Airport

Don’t overdo the alcohol at the airport or on the flight. You could get turned away at the boarding gate or if you’re too raucous on board you could be removed by the Guarda Civil upon landing in Ibiza or even cause your flight to be diverted to a different airport for you to be offloaded.  Ryanair this year have had to go as far as banning alcohol on its flights to Ibiza from Glasgow and Manchester, they also introduced a no duty free in the cabin rule to try and curb the growing problem of incidents on flights, see our blog here.

Travel / Health Insurance

Get travel / health insurance BEFORE you leave the UK.  You will be surprised at just how little it costs. A few years ago the boss of Sankeys was rushed into hospital to have his appendix out and it cost him over 10,000 euros as he didn’t have valid insurance at the time.  And sadly the family of a man who tragically died in Ibiza had to set up a crowd fundraising page online to cover the cost of bringing his body home to the UK as he had no valid insurance. With insurance costing as little as £15 there’s no excuse if you’re travelling to the island.

The Sun

This is why Ibiza is so warm. But with the welcomed warmth comes risks from exposure to the sun. Apply sun cream several times a day, wear a hat and sunglasses and cover up during the middle of the day when the sun is at its strongest.  Drink plenty of fluids including water and soft drinks to keep hydrated and consume fresh fruit especially watermelon, oranges and grapefruit as they all contain a high % of water.  Also keep an eye on mates, friends and especially children when swimming as reflected uv rays leading to severe sunburn are all too common.

Sunset from the sunset strip

Its pure beauty does have a sting in the tail, protect your skin from the sun.


We don’t tend to have them in the UK, but they are designed for sitting out enjoying the sun and the views. They are not a play area, climbing frame or even an additional seat for you to sit on as you look out over the view. And… as much as the pool below looks inviting don’t just don’t even think about jumping in. There have been far too many British deaths or life changing accidents from balcony falls, not only in Ibiza but throughout Europe. Simply because people from the UK do not appreciate the dangers involved.


With recent terrorist atrocities in Europe the threat level across most of Europe is set to high and indiscriminate attacks cannot be ruled out. Don’t let this put you off visiting Ibiza or anywhere for a holiday just be vigilant and aware of whats going on around you. For the latest foreign office travel advice for Ibiza see here.


Yes alcohol is cheap in Ibiza and it provides an easy way to get completely wrecked.  Of course that’s what some of you are going for, but I would urge you to be sensible.  Keep an eye on each other, not only when drinking but when you’re back at your accommodation. We would even go as far to say if you’re in large groups that one of you each evening drinks very little and is there to help look after the others when needed.

An idea sent to us by Robert is to grab a business card from the reception of where you are staying and carry it with you at all times, this way if you get lost or are a little worse for wear you will have it on you and will make finding your way back a lot easier.

NEVER ever accept drinks from strangers or allow someone else to take a swig from your drink.  It’s extremely easy for your drink to be spiked this way by an innocent swig.  There have been a number of reports of people spiking drinks especially women’s drinks.  Be careful and aware of your surroundings at all times.

Luky Luky / Looky Looky Men

These guys will approach you everywhere.  Even when you’re eating.  They come over to you and try to sell you hats, sunglasses, cd’s and watches.  If you smile and shake your head they tend to move on swiftly. Do not buy from, them they are not licensed, you have no guarantees, and they are a menace to most holiday makers.  Although the local police are cracking down on them there are still a lot of them around Ibiza.

Robberies and Crime

Sadly it does happen so when out and about don’t flash the cash only take out what you need and use the safe in your hotel / apartment for the rest.

Handbag, phone grabs and pickpocketing does happen although rarely and again be street wise use front facing pockets, do up pockets where you can. Don’t leave you’re bag unattended and when visiting the beach only take essentials so you can enjoy a paddle or swim without worry about what you have under your towel.

Villas have their own unique problems but treat them like your own home, lock doors and windows when you leave, keep valuables out of sight and use the safe provided.


Simply DON’T. OK I am not that naïve to believe that because we have said don’t you won’t.  I appreciate that in some places it is part of modern society, rightly or wrongly, but please bear in mind that you are in a foreign country.  You’re not buying from your mate, or your happy hippie dealer down your street.

You have no idea what you’re buying, what it’s been cut and mixed with or made from. It may also not have the same effect as you wanted but do not be tempted to take more and more as the effect can be delayed.  Several people have died from overdosing simply because the first one they took had no immediate effect.

NOS (nitrous oxide) seems to be the latest growing craze and as much as the true damage to the body is not yet know there have been deaths from Nos abuse in recent months, again be sensible and don’t take the risk.

With NOS if you do have to partake then do not leave the canisters laying around, they are unsightly, are no good for the environment and are also a serious slip hazard.


Pools and the sea are great but again be sensible to always keep an eye on each other especially children. It’s tempting when you’re all hot and sweaty after coming out of club to just to dive in but be careful, the change in temperature for your body can have tragic effects.  Just like driving your ability to swim will also be impaired by the amount of alcohol you have drunk.

Cliff jumping in Ibiza is popular and can be done safely.  But make sure you are doing it in the right place or as part of an organised group. It’s very difficult to tell the water depth above the surface and what may look deep may be very shallow indeed, leaving you with broken legs or much worse.

Cala Bassa Beach Ibiza

The waters lovely but be sensible.


The Ibiza coastline is stunningly beautiful and has many high cliffs. Be careful as very few have fences or railing of any kind and it’s all too easy to slip and fall.

A tragic accident saw a women who had just received a marriage proposal slip to her death in the excitment as she accepted. It’s worth being extra careful when exploring Ibiza.

African Women

They hang round in groups and will grab your wrists and start talking to you. They then try to slip a “special” handmade bracelet on your wrist, and then expect payment for it.  They are purely after money.  They are quite intimidating, especially when they all gather around you.  Avoiding them is the best policy, and resist the urge to give them anything if they do approach you.  Just shake your head and keep walking.  Do not stop.

Stag and Hen Dos.

Ibiza is a fantastic destination for your special event so please take note of what we’ve covered above. Especially about keeping an eye on one another, you want the trip of a lifetime not one of a nightmare.

I would also ask you to be aware of others around you; Ibiza has families and children visiting and living on the island and as much as you want to have a great time a little respect goes a long way.  They do not need to see almost naked men or women chained up outside their local supermarket as they come back from school or on the way to the playpark and mind the language please.


Make sure you eat and drink (non alcoholic) a sensible amount to keep you going. We have seen far too many people skipping meals and running their bodies into the ground in a matter of days. Eating is cheap in Ibiza if you know where to go.  I mean you can buy a breakfast for 1 euro so make sure you do it.

Lastly and above all look out for each other, better to be taken the mick out of for being a sensible bore than being a pallbearer at your best mate’s funeral.


  • Busola Lucia akinmolasire

    Hi, I am british nigerian and upon reading this article you mentioned Nigerian women, how did you know they were Nigerian and not from another African country. I just hope this was not a generalisation. I am however, aware of the migrant crisis in Europe. Just interested.

    • Hi Busola,

      It is well documented that the women who unfortunately feel it is fine to con/rob people on the prom in San Antonio are from Nigeria or Senegal, however it more common for them to be known as the African women and have changed the article to read as such.

      No offence was intended at all nor any generalisation and my deepest apologies if it was taken in this manner.

      Best wishes

  • Thanks so much for this great article.

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