Sunset Quad Bike Tour, San Antonio, Ibiza

Sunset Quad Bike Tour

Sunset Quad Bike Tour

E-move Ibiza has expanded their tours to offer a sunset quad bike tour which starts and ends in San Antonio.

We joined one of the tours a few weeks ago meeting outside the E-move shop on Av Doctor Fleming in the late afternoon sunshine.

After checking our driving licenses, fitting us with helmets and a quick training session into how to correctly drive the quad and of course how to stop, we all set-off.

The route took us through San Antonio passing the famous egg and out into the Ibiza countryside where we took open roads and dirt tracks into the pine forests and up into the hills around the town.

Our first stop was in a secluded wooded area where we dismounted and took a short hike where our tour guide explained that as part of their preservation of Ibiza when they take large groups out they plant a tree.

Joshua our tree we planted as part of the Quad Bike Tour

Joshua our tree we planted as part of the Quad Bike Tour

Our group’s tree was named Joshua and we duly helped plant him, our little bit of carbon offsetting shall we say which I think is a great idea. As much as we were exploring Ibiza we also got to give something back which will outlast us for years to come.

It is at this point I wish I had put my GPS on to show everyone the route we took as we progressed through more of the stunning countryside of Ibiza stopping now and again to enjoy the fruits of Ibiza, figs, grapes and the like with short explanations at each stop.

Stopping off to enjoy fresh figs on our quad bike tour

Stopping off to enjoy fresh figs on our quad bike tour

We then travelled through the valley and beautiful rustic village of Santa Agnes before heading towards the coast to a fantastic viewpoint which very few people ever get to see, accessible only by quad or those who know the area very well.

One fo the many view points we stopped on our quad bike tour

One of the many viewpoints we stopped at on our Ibiza quad bike tour

We then continued heading back towards San Antonio along the coast road, passed Cala Salada where we did some serious off-roading down a very steep section which was great fun if not very bumpy to eventually stop for a swim.

The spot chosen was very quiet with only one other couple there and was off the beaten track of Ibiza and as much as I have seen it from the sea it was fantastic to climb down the rocks onto a large slab to take a refreshing swim from and enjoy the sun as it started setting beneath the Mediterranean sea.

A wild swim as the sun set part of our quad bike tour

A wild swim as the sun set part of our quad bike tour

All too soon we were back on the quads heading along more dirt tracks and we saw the final setting of the sun as we travelled down through Cala Gracio and out beside the Tanit Hotel whilst heading to the Bamboo Bar at Calo des Moro for a refreshing drink (included in the tour price).

After drinks, we headed back through San Antonio to E-move’s premises where the tour ended.

The tour lasted 4 hours and was a great way to explore and experience the island away from the tourist town of San Antonio taking us through the wooded areas, to remote viewpoints and a little wild swimming as well as experiencing the world famous sunset from another perspective.

You can find out more about the tours offered by E-Move Ibiza on their website here or on Facebook here

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