Possibly the ultimate 18th Birthday ever – Ibiza Style

Sam Love Ibiza

Sam Loves Ibiza

As regular readers of the blog will know, our family passed an important milestone when our son turned 18 this last week.  Here is how he celebrated his birthday (alongside us and friends) on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Now, as every man knows its traditional to take your son for their first legal pint, so at the stroke of Midnight we entered the Read more

One last very special trip of 2015 to Ibiza

Parasailing in Ibiza

Eldest loves Ibiza

Unless we win the lottery (fingers crossed) or some great miracle takes place (toes crossed) this week will see our final trip to Ibiza of 2015.

We are being Ibiza Weekender’s, staying for just 4 days but it is a very important milestone in our lives, it is our sons 18th Birthday. Read more