Bongo’s Bingo Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2020

Bongo’s Bingo Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2020

Bongo’s Bingo Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2020Bongo’s Bingo Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2020 returns poolside on Wednesday’s from the 20th May until the 23rd September.

For those that don’t know Bongo’s Bingo is a showcase of an insane blend of a live show, a heads-down game of bingo, dance-offs, audience participation and plenty of hands-in-the-air anthems and raving.

The prizes on offer are a selection of the most random both weird and wonderful from cardboard cutouts of Philip Schofield to Henry Hoover to restaurant vouchers and activities.

This is bingo but not as you know it and is one heck of a party and now its poolside we expect the chaos to get more chaotic.

Tickets are available now for this unique, much loved and fun event.

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Bongo’s Bingo at Eden Ibiza

Bongo's Bingo at Eden Ibiza

Bongo’s Bingo at Eden Ibiza

Bingo and Ibiza are not two words you would expect to go together but last night Bongo’s Bingo at Eden Ibiza delivered a top night out and then some.

Eden has played an absolute blinder by bringing Bongo’s Bingo to the San Antonio Super Club and my word did Bongo’s Bingo bring a whole new take on the Bingo theme to Ibiza.

Kicking off with their opening party Bongo’s Bingo is now the talk of Ibiza today and for those who missed out this is one party you should, no you must, attend this summer. Read more