Can it ever be too hot in Ibiza?

Can it be too hot in Ibiza

Too hot in Ibiza

This may sound like a strange question as many of us come to the island for the guaranteed wall to wall sunshine and the guaranteed temperatures.

In recent weeks it has truly been hot in Ibiza even by the islands standards with temperatures getting into the mid 40s on more than one occasion and as much as the “it’s a heatwave” has been replaced by people saying “its just hot” it does seem to have had an effect on businesses across the island. Read more

The 5 Best Websites for Ibiza

The best websites for Ibiza

The best websites for Ibiza

Over the last few years we have met quite a few people who decide to book a holiday in Ibiza without doing any prior research, bar the essential where to stay and what flights to take.

Last year, on a sunset boat trip, we even met a group who had never heard of the Sunset Strip and upon our recommendation they went.
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