Last summer flights from the UK to Ibiza 2015

Holidaying in Ibiza

Flying to Ibiza

As much as the season is far from over it is that time of year where we all look to getting in that one last trip to Ibiza for the Summer 2015 season.

We have collated all the last direct flights to Ibiza in one handy place and for those looking for direct flights for next year check out our guide to summer 2016 flights to Ibiza here. Read more

Avoid the French ATC strikes when travelling to Ibiza

Avoid French ATC strikes with our alternative way

Avoid French ATC strikes with our alternative way

Although the season in Ibiza has yet to truly start, the ATC strikes which happened in France over the last few days has had an impact with several flights being cancelled from across Europe to Ibiza.

With yet more strikes planned from the 16th – 18th April and again from the 29th April till 2nd May over the period where a lot of workers and early season visitors will be arriving is there another way? Read more