The Ultimate Bootcamp in Ibiza from The Skinny Kitchen

<span class="no_translate">The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza</span>

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

Ibiza may be famed for its partying and excessive lifestyle but over recent years a trend has developed for a more relaxed and healthier holiday on the island and 2016 is no exception, with the people behind the The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza bringing what we believe to be the ultimate Bootcamp to Ibiza.

For those that don’t know the Skinny Kitchen is the healthy eating restaurant in San Antonio, not only loved by the health conscious but Read more

Healthy eating at the Skinny Kitchen San Antonio Ibiza

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

Ibiza has a reputation for being the home of excess. Of course we all like to splurge when we’re on holiday, but there are a growing number of people that still want to be able to enjoy great healthy food whilst away.

Introducing The Skinny Kitchen restaurant, located in the heart of San Antonio, which as it name suggests, serves healthy meals, snacks and drinks for all ages.

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