Ibiza 2016 A Year of Change

Ibiza 2016 A year of Change

Ibiza 2016 A year of Change

Ibiza 2016 will go down in history as one of the iconic years in Ibiza’s recent history.

The biggest story by far was the closing of Space after a 27 year run in Play Den Bossa. What was the World’s most iconic club has now come to an end.

Those that have been will have fond memories of what was a world institution for dance music.  Those that never had the opportunity will hear of its greatness and stories of that one day / night in Space which will be passed down the generations for years to come. Read more

Interview with Wayne Lineker business owner and champion of San Antonio Ibiza

Interview with Wayne Lineker business owner and champion of San Antonio Ibiza

Interview with Wayne Lineker

Wayne Lineker is synonymous with Ibiza and its party lifestyle but beneath the showman exterior lies a serious businessman with several different ventures in and around San Antonio, notably Ocean Beach, Linekers Bar and of course the Skinny Kitchen restaurant.

He is also a great champion of San Antonio itself, as of course are we here on the blog, so we sat down with him over a very healthy breakfast at the new Skinny Kitchen restaurant beside the marina to find out more about his upcoming season in San Antonio and his thoughts on the changes and on Ibiza in general.

We sat down with Wayne in 2019 and you can read that interview here Read more

Creamfields Ibiza returns for its second year

Creamfields Ibiza Friday 5th August Space IbizaThe hugely successful Creamfields Ibiza returns to the white isle for its second outing on Friday the 5th of August.

This will be a 5 room 10 hour party extravaganza at the world’s number one club Space and will take place during the Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend.

The lineup is as you would expect from Creamfields is stella and will bring a mouth watering array of artists to the shores of Ibiza. Read more

Top 5 Fun Parties in Ibiza for 2016

5 fun parties in Ibiza

5 fun parties in Ibiza

Ibiza hosts some of the biggest names in the Dj world, week after week, at some of the world’s best venues but for those who aren’t too bothered about the big names and paying a higher price to see them, we give you our top 5 fun parties in Ibiza for 2016.

The extra bonus is that these parties tend to be cheaper than the big named nights which means you can have a relatively inexpensive night out, yet still enjoy the world’s best venues, listen to some great music and have a real good laugh along the way which is what Ibiza is all about, having fun and enjoying yourself. Read more

Interview with Patrick Nazemi resident DJ Ibiza Rocks

Patrick Nazemi Ibiza Rocks Resident DJ

Patrick Nazemi Ibiza Rocks Resident DJ

Often described as one of the UK’s most promising DJ’s Patrick Nazemi has been behind the decks for over 8 years and comes from humble beginnings playing mates parties and local club nights in Bristol.  He is now a rising star and Zane Lowe also commented “he is fast becoming a liability to have to follow on the decks”.

As we start the 2016 summer season we sat down with DJ Patrick Nazemi for an insight into being a DJ in Ibiza, the incredible season ahead playing under the Balearic sunshine and his thoughts on the island’s future. Read more

The changing fortunes of Hotels in San Antonio, Ibiza

An exciting year ahead for San Antonio

San Antonio on the up

Despite all the negative press over recent years aimed squarely at San Antonio Ibiza, its fortunes are changing and one of the most reported issues has been in regards to old run down hotels with little or no investment over recent years.

However this is far from the truth of what is actually going on in the San Antonio hotel market with several already having undergone major refurbishments or have been taken over with planned makeovers ahead. Read more

Changes to the West End San Antonio, Ibiza

The West End San Antonio Ibiza

The West End San Antonio Ibiza

As many of the bars and clubs open this weekend, 2016 will herald some changes to the West End in San Antonio Ibiza.  From new bars to new security, to new enforcement of the rules it seems that times are changing for the area.

For those that have a preconceived idea about the West End have a read of this article because it has a reputation from years past that no longer applies.

In our book this is definitely the beating heart of San Antonio especially for first timers and for those on a budget, and with this year’s changes we believe that the West End is on the up and up again and dare we say it is starting to become a little more cosmopolitan. Read more

Ibiza Opening Parties 2016

Unusual Suspects Thursdays Sankeys Ibiza

Ibiza Opening Parties 2016

With less than a month to go until the first Ibiza Opening Parties we thought we would give you a quick overview of what, where and of course when they are happening in 2016.

The winter is finally over, the beaches have been cleaned, the boats painted, restaurants and bars are tweaking their menus, the first summer workers are arriving and this year the Opening Parties will start earlier than ever before.

For those that have yet to book there are some crazy (good) flight prices around so its the perfect time to book a sneaky early season trip to the white isle for these magical parties. Read more

Is Banning legal PR’s in San Antonio a Costly Mistake?

Dynamic Advertising banned in San An

Dynamic Advertising banned in San An

In recent weeks a host of changes have been announced in San Antonio, one of which has been to suspend dynamic advertising within the resort for the 2016 season.

This covers legal PR’s (public relations outside bars, clubs and restaurants) street ticket sellers and the colourful club parades which take place around the Sunset Strip and the West End.

There has been much celebration in some quarters in response to this decision and much resentment in others but today we are going to look at purely the potential financial impact of the decision for San Antonio, its businesses, the Council and the Government. Read more

10 Music Videos Filmed In Ibiza

Ibiza in Spring

Ibiza Music Videos

With Ibiza being the club and EDM capital of Europe, it comes as no surprise that many a music video has been shot on the island.

It’s the perfect get-away for bands and DJ’s alike to enjoy the island, do a little work, make a video and all on their music label’s expenses account.

The most well known music video is Wham Club Tropicana of which the majority of the video was filmed at Pikes Hotel just outside of San Antonio. But here we give you another 10 music videos filmed in Ibiza, some are well known and some not as well known. Read more

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