New Dining Options Opening Soon in Ibiza Airport

New dining at Ibiza Airport

New dining at Ibiza Airport

Famished travellers leaving or arriving in Ibiza will soon have new options for dining.

Following the successful renewal of an eight-year contract, Areas will open a revamped dining space at Ibiza Airport which will be occupied by several local and international names within the food and beverage industry.

Moodie Davitt Report stated that the new spaces for the upcoming restaurants will cover a combined area of over 10,700 square feet. Areas, the firm behind the renovation, has been operating numerous restaurants and vending machines in Ibiza Airport since 2004. Read more

Cafe Del Mar Lounge Ibiza Airport

Cafe del Mar Lounge Ibiza Airport

Cafe del Mar Lounge

Leaving Ibiza after a few days, a week or two or even longer is, without doubt, one of the lowest parts of everyone’s lives and the low point of the holiday.

Leaving behind the magic, the music, the good times  is hard but all is not lost, well not at the airport at least.

Formerly the F*** me I’m Famous Lounge this year sees Gates 9 and 10 rebranded as the Cafe Del Mar Lounge. Read more