Kasbah Sunset Bar & Restaurant Ibiza by Alexandra Ellis

Kasbah Sunset Bar & Restaurant Ibiza

Kasbah Sunset Bar Ibiza

Kasbah is an oasis of sumptuous Mediterranean-Fusion cuisine located in the ever flourishing town of San Antonio, Ibiza.

Basking in its warm, Mediterranean glow, the restaurant and bar which first opened its doors in 1995 sits peacefully behind Cala des Moro beach and is quite rightfully the number one sunset bar in Ibiza on Google.

Whilst it’s only a short stroll from the famous sunset strip, it seems a million miles away from the hustle and bustle which we are used to seeing in the summer months. Read more

Enjoy the Ibiza Sunset Daily Live with Cafe Del Mar

Enjoy the Ibiza Sunset Daily Live with Cafe Del Mar

The sunset from Cafe Del Mar Ibiza

The Sunset Strip in Ibiza is as famous as the island itself and is where many of us first head to as soon as we arrive on the island.

But for those times when you can’t be there, you can now enjoy the Ibiza sunset daily live with Cafe del Mar.

Perched above Cafe del Mar they have installed a very high quality webcam of sorts which is now streaming throughout the day and into the evening. Read more

5 more top sunset spots in Ibiza

5 more top sunset spots in Ibiza

5 More top sunset spots in Ibiza

Last year we wrote one of our most popular articles our top 5 sunset spots in Ibiza.

Since then we have had the opportunity to visit even more spots on the island where the sunset is truly magical, with many of these coming from your suggestions.

So here are 5 more top sunset spots in Ibiza to consider, definitely  places that if you get the chance to visit you should.

The sunset in Ibiza is truly spectacular and one of the island’s finest assets. It is different every evening and even when it’s a little cloudy the colours are truly incredible. Read more

Our Top 5 Sunset Spots in Ibiza

The Ibiza Sunset

The Ibiza Sunset

When visiting Ibiza no matter what time of year one of the most magical things to experience are the sunsets. Possibly one of the best free shows courtesy of mother nature you will ever see.

Every night is different and you will never see two sunsets the same be it the colours, a few clouds, boats on the horizon or the scenery, sounds and people around you.  Each and every one is unique.

Here we give you our pick of the best 5 sunset locations in Ibiza.  Of course there are others and we would love to hear about your favourite sunset spots in the comments below with your best photos if you have any. Read more