Es Broll de Buscastell Ibiza by Tanya Taylor

Es Broll de Buscastell Ibiza

Es Broll de Buscastell Ibiza

The small hamlet of Buscastell can be found nestled away in the outer reaches of San Antonio between Santa Gertrudis and Sant Ines. It’s a tiny little place vacant of clubs, hotels, beaches and glittering souvenir shops.

There’s not a lot to be found there and that’s why it’s often overlooked by the visiting masses. There is one thing though that puts this little place on the map, an impressive 1500-year-old irrigation system that’s still fully functioning today. Read more

What to do in Ibiza in the Winter by Tanya Taylor

What to do in Ibiza In the Winter by Tanya Taylor

Ibiza In the Winter

The winter months here on Ibiza bring with them the feeling of peaceful isolation, a dramatic contrast to the swarming summer season. Most bars and restaurants are closed, the beaches and roads are empty and the population is reduced to a tiny trickle, compared to the constant heavy flow of people traffic in summer.

It’s quiet that’s for sure, and you certainly won’t find a party calendar or many options for a night out. Read more

Amplify at Eden Ibiza this Winter

Amplify at Eden Ibiza this Winter

Amplify at Eden Ibiza

So they would all have you believe that the island is a ghost town over the cooler months and nobody’s home. But it’s all smoke and mirrors and this weekend Amplify at Eden Ibiza kicks off its winter party season.

The club will open its doors this Saturday and then regularly over the winter to continue the party with a host of DJ’s who will be bringing their trademark intimate vibe back to the club on the beautiful white isle. Read more

A winter trip to Ibiza

A winter trip to Ibiza

Winter in Ibiza

This week we embarked on our first ever true winter trip to Ibiza something that we have been wanting to do for many years.

We took the 4-hour drive from home to London to catch the only direct flight to Ibiza from the UK in the winter with British Airways.

A little more classy than the budget airlines with bigger, comfier seats, complimentary breakfast and a quiet flight with a true mix of passengers from families to OAP’s and everything in between. Read more

Pacha Ibiza to Continue to Party this winter

Cherry Room at Hotel Pacha Ibiza

The Cherry Room by Pacha

Over the winter months in Ibiza Pacha used to open on the weekends but this year the hub of the winter nightlife on the island chose to close, but all is not lost.

The two cherries have moved temporarily from the main club’s venue across the road to the lounge in the Pacha hotel opposite to help keep the party going on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the winter.

From 8.30pm the lounge will be converted into the Cherry Room where you can enjoy delicious tapas and grab a cocktail or two all to the rhythm of Deep, Funky House music with Graham Sahara, Willie Graff and Angel Linde. Read more

Tapas Ibiza is Open this Winter

Tapas Ibiza is Open this Winter

Tapas Ibiza is Open this Winter

As Autumn unfolds many of the island’s best-loved restaurants close their doors but our favourite is extending their season and Tapas Ibiza is open this winter.

They will be open from 2pm until 10pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout November.

Then again from February up until the start of the early season in April when their hours will again be extended. Read more